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‘Boyfriend changes every four months…’ when Rakhi supported Sajid Khan, Sherlyn Chopra got furious

Sherlyn Chopra Angry On Rakhi Sawant: Rakhi Sawant, known as the drama queen and openly speaking on every issue, recently appeared in support of MeToo accused Sajid Khan. In a conversation with the media, he had rubbished Sherlyn Chopra a lot. At the same time, now Sherlyn Chopra has showered on Rakhi.

Sherlyn Chopra was spotted among the paparazzi where paps questioned her about Rakhi Sawant, to which Sherlyn looked very angry at Rakhi and told her a lot from Rakhi’s looks to her love life.

Wearing a wig to hide baldness

Sherlyn Chopra said- “Rakhi Sawant should be ashamed, she puts on 31 kg of makeup, uses a wig to hide baldness. She changes her boyfriend, changes husband every three to four months. Have we ever asked why do you do this? Its starting to burn. So what to do, send Burnol to his house.

Said these things about love life

During this, Sherlyn Chopra was also seen imitating Rakhi Sawant, she said about Rakhi that “Go to the gym, work hard, make a body, but madam does not have to work hard. For 24 hours only you have to do adil-dil and do gimmicks in front of paparazzi and media. Is this all this?” However, during this, Sherlyn said many more such things about Rakhi Sawant.

It is worth noting that Rakhi Sawant was also seen imitating Sherlyn Chopra on the previous day and she called Sajid Khan innocent. Along with this, Rakhi also made fun of Sherlyn’s crying.

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