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Britney Spears’ nerve damage, said- I can wake up only 3 times in a week

Britney Spears has got nerve damage and this problem has happened in the right side of her body. The sad part is that this is an incurable disease, about which Britney has posted a long post. As soon as Britney came to know about her disease, she is dancing more and more and there is a very special reason behind it.

‘The nerve on the ride side of my body is damaged’
Britney Spears has openly told everything about her illness by writing a long note on Instagram. She has written, ‘I am dancing at the moment Victoria, yes, there is nerve damage on the ride side of my body. I think there is no cure for it except the mercy of the One above. Sometimes nerve damage occurs when oxygen is not able to reach your brain properly, your brain almost shuts down, due to nerve damage, parts of the body start numb.

wakes up 3 times a week
She has told in this post that she wakes up 3 times a week and her hands go completely numb. He told that because of this, there is a needle like prick in the right side of the body which pricks till the throat and the part where I get the most trouble is the upper part of the head. He told that due to this there is a lot of teasing and it is also very scary.

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Don’t feel pain when you dance
She wrote, ‘The funny thing is that when I dance, I do not feel pain. It seems that my mind is lost somewhere in my childhood. And the way I used to walk, it may not happen now, but in reality I feel the power given to God and finally I got the medicine which helps me to reach oxygen from throat to head. She has written that she is trying very well for this.



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