By writing ‘Ram’ 1 lakh times, made a picture of Sita-Lakshman and Hanuman with God! Artwork and patience stunned

Till now you must have seen many forms of art and devotion. But the form that we are going to show you today, hardly anyone has ever seen before. Everyone is familiar with the glory of Lord Rama, there is no dearth in the world of his devotees, but such devotion that only a few devotees have such patience by painting the name of Rama. One such video is going viral on social media where a girl has shown tremendous artwork by taking the name of Lord Ram more than 1 lakh times in different colors.

Retired Air Marshal Aviator Anil Chopra has shared the video of the girl doing tremendous painting with the help of Lord Ram on his Twitter profile. Where a girl wrote the name of Lord Rama 10,0011 lakh times and painted such a painting of Ram, Sita, Lakshman and Hanuman, which you will be surprised to see. It is claimed that you have not seen such unmatched artwork before.

Brilliant picture of Ram made with the name of Ram
In the viral video, a girl is writing the name of Lord Ram on a white paper with a colored pen. It is seen in the video that the girl is seen writing Ram Ram Ram with different colors on a drawing drawn with a pencil. And when his handwriting is complete, the picture of the entire court with Lord Rama, Mother Sita, Lakshman and Hanuman emerges. Which was so adorable. It is not easy to make the image of God by the name of Ram alone. It requires hard work as well as patience, which this girl has shown. It must have been the effect of Ram’s devotion, that no wrinkle or fatigue was visible on his face. That is why he has made such a beautiful picture of Mother Sita, Lakshman and Hanuman with Lord Rama.

Patience won the heart of the artist who painted the picture with the name Ram
After watching the video, everyone is praising this artist girl. People are also appreciating his patience, who wrote the name of Ram more than 10,0000 times and made such a wonderful painting. Many users have expressed their desire to install this tremendous artwork in Ram Mandir Ayodhya. One user wrote – This should be framed and kept in Ayodhya, I respect patience. great work. At the same time, another user wrote – Writing this mantra is more effective than chanting.

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