Canara Bank officials came out on the streets with mic and speaker in hand, know what is the whole matter


The video of the branch manager telling people about the FD scheme has gone viral.
This video is from Goregaon East in Maharashtra and the bank employees have confirmed it.
Employees say that other branches of the bank in the country are also adopting this method.

New Delhi. Banks come up with new ways to woo customers, but Canara Bank has tried to attract people to the bank’s FD scheme in a new, not an old way. A video has surfaced on social media in which it can be seen that a Canara Bank official is telling people about the 666 FD scheme in the market with a microphone and speaker in his hand.

This method is called Munadi. This is a very old practice but with the advancement of technology, it is now used by very small scale shopkeepers and other people. This video that went viral on social media is from Goregaon East (Maharashtra). It can be seen in the video that other people present of the person are also distributing pamphlets by going to the shops. Confirming this, the employees of the bank have said that the person is the chief manager of the branch.

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bank needs money
Experts believe that the demand for loans has increased. Banks need more money to meet this demand. This is the reason why they have to use new and old methods to attract people back to deposits in banks. An employee of the bank while interacting with Moneycontrol said that not only their branch but other Canara Bank branches in the country are also adopting the same method. He said that his video became viral because of the media. This video was shot on 20 October.

666 Days FD Scheme
Canara Bank is giving 7 percent interest to common citizens and 7.5 percent to senior citizens on investment of less than Rs 2 crore in 666 days FD. The bank has also publicized this on Twitter. The bank wrote, “Get maximum return on your investment now! Introducing Canara Special Deposit Scheme. In this, you will get 7.5 percent interest on investment for 666 days.

Other FDs and interest rates of the bank
The bank is giving 3.25 percent interest on 7 days FD, 4.25 percent on 46-90 days FD and 4.50 percent on FG maturing in 91-179 days. Apart from this, the bank is giving an interest of 5.90 percent in 180-269 days and 6.50 percent on FDs maturing in 1-2 years.

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