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Career Tips: The trend of reading books on mobile is increasing, know the advantages and disadvantages

New Delhi (Career Tips, e books Free), If something is available for free, then few people would like to pay money for it. These days books are being available on many websites for free (e-books Websites). These are called e-books. With the help of internet connection, they can be easily read on mobile, laptop or tab for free.

Due to the closure of shops, libraries and schools etc. during the Kovid period, the trend of reading e-books has increased among people (e book trend). Even before, people started getting attracted towards them, but since the year 2020, children have also got addicted to e-books. With this, they do not have to read every book they need and make notes easier.

What are eBooks?

In the digital age, it has become a habit to access everything digitally. Entertainment habits like shopping, watching movies are also present at one click sitting at home. Similarly, books can also be read in online mode. With this, there is no need to buy them and keep them at home. E-books are in great trend. They have many advantages as well as disadvantages. Know about them.

Benefits of E Books

1- Due to being available digitally, e-books are portable. They can be easily read anywhere, at home or outside.

2- You can read e-books for free on most websites.

3- There is no need to buy many books for the same topic while making notes. With eBooks, you can read many books on the same subject for free.

4- All the options like built in dictionary and highlighting are also available in e-books.

Disadvantages of eBooks

1- There has been a lot of change in the reading habit due to reading digital books. People have stopped reading printed ie hard cover books.

2- Even children have become addicted to reading e-books. This is affecting his eyes.

3- Children also keep playing games etc. on the pretext of studies on mobile or tab. If children access e-books at home, then it is important to keep checking them in between.

4- No internet connection is required to read printed books.

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