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Caught theft! The teaser of Shahrukh Khan’s ‘Pathan’ is a copy-paste of the scenes of these films

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan is celebrating his 57th birthday today i.e. on November 2. On this occasion, he gave a big gift to his fans. The teaser of his most awaited film ‘Pathan’ has been released, in which the whole story of the film is visible and understood like the ocean in Gagar. After seeing this, where some people did not stop praising King Khan. While some put the label of copy-paste on this movie. Every scene shown in 1 minute 25 seconds was kept open. Which proved that nothing in this film is original but a copy-paste of other Bollywood-Hollywood movies.

Shahrukh Khan, who has been away from the big screen for a long time, is now finally coming on the silver screen. He is going to make his debut with ‘Pathan’, which is releasing on January 25. On the occasion of his birthday, he released the teaser of ‘Pathan’ and as soon as it came in front, people on Twitter started lashing out at director Siddharth Anand. People claimed that most of the scenes in Pathan were copy-pasted from hit films like ‘War’, ‘Tiger’, ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’. Also, users said that Shah Rukh Khan and his fans deserve better than this. Let us also show you glimpses of the scenes.

1- Captain America: The Winter Soldier

You must have seen ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ ​​by the Russo Brothers. Now people have described John Abraham’s entry in ‘Pathan’ as similar to Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson starrer Sebastian Stan’s Bucky Barnes. His photo has also been shared. Both appear on the screen like masked men and fire missiles at the car in front.

2- War

srk movie pathaan

Siddharth Anand’s 2019 film ‘War’ came. Now he copied some scenes of the same in Pathan, after seeing which a fan said, ‘Paste the whole copy.’ Users have exposed the makers by sharing the picture of everyone, from songs to action scenes in both the films.

3- ten

srk movie pathaan

In the teaser, Shahrukh Khan is seen dropping a bomb on a car with a bike. People also told this scene as copy-paste. He discovered that scene of Zayed Khan’s movie ‘Dus’, in which he was seen doing exactly the same action scene. Let us tell you that ‘Dus’ was released in 2005. People said – every masterpiece has a cheap copy.

4- Saaho

srk movie pathaan

A scene from Shahrukh Khan’s ‘Pathan’ has also been taken from Prabhas’s ‘Saaho’. The scene in the teaser of Shahrukh taking to the skies with a jetpack is no less than a ‘cheap copy’ of ‘Saaho’. Sharing pictures of both the stars with the jet pack, the user wrote – ‘Saaho looks better than Pathan. Saaho was made by a short movie director. This was his first film.

5- Tiger

srk movie pathaan

Seeing a scene in Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Pathan’, some even predicted that the emotional scene between the characters of King Khan and Deepika Padukone would be similar to that of Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif in the ‘Tiger’ franchise.



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