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Chhath Puja 2022: Some 20 and some 40 years doing Chhath, know why eunuchs have faith in Mahaparv


Kinnars are also doing Chhath Puja with great faith.
Worshiped with full rituals by singing the songs of Chhath
Chhath Puja is being performed with great faith for almost 40 years.

Gopalganj: The 36-hour Nirjala fast of Chhath Puja, the great festival of folk faith, has started from today. Chhath is the great festival of our social harmony. The water of Mother Ganga unites everyone. Removes all the discrimination of the society. Like every year, the Kinnar community in Gopalganj, Bihar is celebrating the festival of Chhath Puja with great pomp and faith. Let us tell you that many people reach from village to city to see the worship of Kinnar community people. Presenting a similar example in many areas of Gopalganj are people from the transgender community. Their faith is no less than anyone. During this, people of the community are absorbed in the devotion of Chhath Maiya for about a week and the area is resonant with Chhath songs.

Kinnars living in Bhathwa village of Gopalganj are also doing Chhath Puja with great faith. Worship is being done with full rituals by singing the songs of Chhath. Suman Singh Kinnar of the transgender community said that Chhathi Maiya is being worshiped with great faith and reverence for the last 40 years. According to her, every year through this great festival, she wishes for happiness and peace in the society.

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Suman said that God did not give her the right form in this birth, but during Chhath festival, she wishes for the prosperity of the people as well as to give proper form to herself and the rest of the community members in the next life. With him, Neha Kinnar has been worshiping Chhath for 20 years, Ladli Kinnar for 10 years and Suhani Kinnar for 5 years. Many types of dishes are being prepared for drying wheat and Kharna for Chhath Puja. Simultaneously, preparations are being made to fill the Koshi.

The eunuchs told that the sixth May fulfills all our wishes. It is worshiped every year with faith and belief. After the worship is over, prasad is distributed among other devotees and people. People also reach to see the worship of the Kinnar community. The people around also support him. Kinnar Chhath Vrat will offer Arghya to the rising and setting sun at Chhath Ghat in Bhatwa Roop village of Kuchaykot.

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