Chhaya Urfi Javed’s magic in International Glamor World, Taylor Swift’s fashion is being discussed

American Singer Taylor Swift’s Outfit Inspired By Uorfi Javed : Urfi Javed (Urfi Javed) gets trolled everyday because of her unusual dressing sense. People in India may consider Urfi’s outfits strange. But Urfi Javed’s fashion sense is being appreciated a lot at the international level. Many people may find this thing funny, but something happened recently after which you too will believe in this.

People remembered Urfi after seeing Taylor Swift
Recently, on November 13, the MTV Europe Music Awards were held in Dusseldorf, Germany. Many celebs reached this awards ceremony. On the other hand, this night was named after Taylor Swift as she received 4 different awards.

Taylor received the ‘Best Artist’, ‘Best Video’, ‘Best Pop’ and ‘Best Longform Video’ awards. Apart from this, she was also in discussion during this period regarding her fashion. In the glimpses that surfaced, his look reminded of Urfi Javed.

During this, Taylor Swift wore a black colored monokini, over which she wore a netted skirt made of jewelry from the vest portion. Sharing this look of hers, TV actor Aly Goni wrote on his Instagram story, ‘Sorry, but Urfi Javed wore this earlier’. For information, let us tell you that recently Urfi Javed was seen in such an outfit. Urfi kept the color combination of her outfit white.

Urfi’s pictures in a white monokini with a netted skirt made of jewelry are becoming very viral at the moment. People on social media say that American singer Taylor Swift’s outfit is inspired by Urfi Javed.

Who designs Urfi’s outfits?
Urfi Javed’s outfits remained a mystery for a long time. Everyone wanted to know that who is the person who designs Urfi Javed’s clothes. According to reports, her outfits are designed by Shweta Srivastava, who is also her good friend.

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