‘Chhod Do Aanchal…’ was a hit, Asha Bhosle was scolded for this 66-year-old song, after recording….

Mumbai. Songs have always been of special importance in Bollywood films, be it old or new. In the old days, a lot of hard work was done on the songs. Along with this, music directors used to put their best efforts to make the songs perfect. Also, to make the song special, singers used to start practicing the song many days in advance so that there is no shortage when the song is recorded. But many times, even after lakhs of attempts, the singer could not satisfy the music director. Today, Song of the week talks about such a song, about which Asha Bhosle got very upset.

‘Leave it, what will the Aanchal world say….’ After reading these lines, you too must have started humming this song. The style of the song is such that it goes on the lips of every listener. On 8 February 1957, Subodh Mukherjee brought the film ‘Paying Guest’. Dev Anand and Nutan were in the lead roles in the film. All the songs of this romantic drama were liked and ‘Chhod Do..’ was well received.

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SD Burman wanted to record back
This song of the film became a huge hit after its release and is still heard today. But during the recording of this song, Asha was very upset. Actually, when Kishore Kumar and Asha Bhosle completed the recording of the song, SD Burman was not happy with Asha’s version. He told Asha that she ‘did not sing well at all’ and would record it again. But due to paucity of time, this song could not be re-recorded and the same version was kept in the film, which SD Burman did not like. But contrary to the expectation, this song was liked by the audience and became a hit.

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When SD Burman did not like the song, Asha was very upset and was thinking how to sing the song well again but she did not get a chance to sing back.

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