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CIA Revealed: China will occupy Taiwan by 2027!, Army instructs to prepare


Big claim in CIA report
China may attack Taiwan
Chinese president tells military to prepare

Delhi. A report in Taiwan News claimed that Chinese leader Xi Jinping wants the PLA to be ready to invade Taiwan in 2027. The US intelligence agency believes that China has not yet reached a decision about the attack. The Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) says that although he does not necessarily order the People’s Liberation Army (PLA).

CNN’s intelligence and national security correspondent Katie Bo Lillis tweeted that CIA Deputy Director David Cohen told her that Xi Jinping wanted the ability to take control of Taiwan by 2027 by force. However, he said the United States intelligence agency did not believe that Xi Jinping had already made a decision about when to launch the attack.

Big claim in report

Lilis quoted Cohen as saying, “Xi Jinping has asked his army to be in a position where they can if they want to attack”. The CIA official said the Chinese leader still preferred to “gain control through non-military means”, American Military News reported last year by US chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley. Xi Jinping Attributed to the date of 2027 for a speech of.

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Milley told Congress that the communist leader asked the PLA to intensify its preparations to be able to occupy Taiwan in 2027 instead of 2035. The top US general also emphasized that Xi wanted the capability, but had not reached a decision to launch an attack.

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