Dastaan-Go: Lata Mangeshkar becomes one of those who can’t be praised by words

tale-go Is there any time to tell stories and listen? Maybe it would have happened. Or would it not happen. But one thing definitely happens. Tales, stories are interesting to everyone. It would be better if they were present on time. If it is not, it is of the past, even then it is not bad. Because they always go not only by telling us something, but also by teaching. Brings back memories of our times. Even after sweetening the spices of the serious ones, they drink it softly. That’s why ‘Dastaan-Go’ has started, the process of bringing interesting stories to your loved ones. Will try to continue this process. Monday to Friday, everyday…


Sir, This is from the year 2009. On the television screen, two wonderful fans were represented that day. One of them was Sha’ir, Nagma-Nigar Javed Akhtar Sahib. And the other was in front of him – Lata Mangeshkar, who had 80th birthday that day (born in 1929 in Indore, Madhya Pradesh) and today is 93rd. Javed sahib was interviewing Lata ji that day. He started it like this, ‘It happens once in a century that a person becomes so big that he is not appreciated. She is not praised because she cannot be praised. There are no such words. And there is no need to praise him. No one says that Shakespeare was a great writer. No one says that Michelangelo used to make very good statues. No one says what music Beethoven used to make. No one says ‘.

Then Javed sahib further says, ‘… in the same way, I understand that the one whom we are talking to today, whom we have had the privilege of meeting today, his name is his praise. What can you praise a person more than this, a singer, that you say that she is Lata Mangeshkar’. Surely sir, Javed sahib has rightly said. Lata Mangeshkar is not in need of any praise or praise. Rather, it really happens that if a singer is told that she sings or sings like Lata ji, or if she gets an award in the name of Lata ji, then she will be on top of herself. He only accepts the mercy of the one. Even today, when Lata ji is not physically in the world (died on February 6, 2022), her status remains intact. It is weak and will remain so for centuries. It is trusted by everyone.

Now sir, would it not be better to hear something from his own words about such a person. So let’s hear, ‘Music used to go on all day in our house. Father (Dinanath Mangeshkar ji) used to sing. People also used to come to him to learn. He had a drama company. He had rehearsals etc., so there were more songs. So I always listened but did not sing in front of my father. What did I do, the kitchen in our house was a huge kitchen. There was a stand for keeping utensils in the kitchen. I used to sit on it. And if mother (Shevanti ji) was making something, I used to sing my song to him. out loud. Papa ji ki kuch bandishen or sahgal (KL Sehgal) sahib song. Because I liked Sehgal sahib very much. So my mother used to say – don’t eat my head, go away from here. So I used to tell him. This is how my song was.

But what happened that one day my father was teaching someone to sing. It was evening time. So my father said that you do a little riyaz. I will go and come. So they left. At that time I was playing in the gallery. I was listening. I think I was five years old then. So he was singing. I didn’t like what he started. I went inside and told him that this is not good. Baba doesn’t sing like that. sing like this. I sang and told. My father came at this point. He heard from outside. When I came inside listening, I ran from there. So my father told my mother that the singer is sitting in the house and why am I teaching people outside. And the next day at six in the morning he picked me up. He started saying- Pick up the tanpura and sit in front of me. I was very young then. So he started what I taught him (father’s disciple) at night.

‘When I was nine years old, such a thing happened’ that some people came to my father. We were in Solapur. There was our company. Drama company and his shows used to be there, father-in-law. So I was playing, when she came and said – Dinanath saab, we want you to do a classical program in this theatre. So Baba said – okay do it. Then after those people left I went to Baba. I said- I want to sing with you. So he said – what will you sing? You are like that. You will not even come to explain. I said – I will definitely sing. So they started saying – which raga will you sing? So I said – I will sing Khambawati, which you were teaching. So he started saying – it is a good thing. So the show that was ours at night, my father said – you sing first. So I sat down to sing. I sang People liked it very much. Then father came and he sat down. I sat next to him. He was singing, so I fell asleep with my head in his lap.

‘My first song recorded, (19)42 in March. It so happened that there was a Marathi picture, ‘Kiti Hasal’. And the name of the one who was doing his music was Sadashivrao Nevrekar. He used to work in drama with my father. So he came. He told his father – a picture is being made. I am doing music in it. I want your daughter to sing in my picture. So my father said – no, I do not want to put him in cinema-vinema. I don’t like it at all, so forget this thing. So he said – no, no, you are concerned about my friendship. You let this girl sing a song to me. Then my father said- Alright. I went, sang his song. The song was recorded in Poona. I used to do classical programs before that, with my father. So didn’t feel so scared. Vasant Joglekar was its director. At that time, Suvarnalata was a heroine. She was over there. I came out of there in the evening after singing the song. This is about March. In April my father died. After the death of my father, no one else, I had no idea how to bring money to the house. Because we are four sisters, one brother. I am the eldest. Mother was so upset, she was upset. So Master Vinayak (actress Nanda’s father) came to me.

‘Master Vinayak told me – will you work in my picture? He was very famous in Marathi. His ‘Brahmachari’ picture was made. She had gone a long way at that time. So its name was ‘Pehli Mangala-Gaur’ of the picture. So in that I told them – I will work. But they had some quarrel. My contract was signed and he left the company. They left. Went to Kolhapur and started his own company. While leaving, I was told that if this picture is completed for you, then you should come to Kolhapur. Near me, for work. I said – okay. So it took three months for that picture. And I got 300 rupees. I worked in it. There were two or three songs. And at that time the song was one of mine. So from there I came to Kolhapur. I did a job in Kolhapur with Master Vinayak. Till (19)47 I was a servant in ‘Praful Pictures’ (Master Vinayak’s company).

Master Vinayak Rao died in August. After eight-10 days, we had a cameraman. So he came. His name was Papa Bubbles. So he said – Lata is a music director. His name is Harishchandra Bali. So he wants to take the song from you. But want to hear you. So I said – come on. So I got on his motorcycle and went to Central Studio. He heard me and then said – I will take songs from you. I said – okay. I was recording his song, then he is a supplier, he was a Pathan. He heard me from outside. He told Master Ghulam Haider Sahab (famous musician) – If a new girl has come, then you should call her. I got a message. So I went to Filmistan. Goregaon. Me and my aunt had a girl, my sister. We kept sitting. His recording was going on. It’s three o’clock, it’s four o’clock, we are sitting outside.

Lata Mangeshkar

‘So at five o’clock Masterji came out. He had a lot of names. So he started saying – Very sorry, the recording kept going. Come on, let’s listen to you too. He took me to the theatre. He himself played the piano very well. So he heard my song. So I sang his own song to him first – ‘Main To Odhoon Gulabi Chunaria’. The picture ‘Humayun’ was made. Mehboob (filmmaker Mehboob Khan) sir. There was a song in it. He was very happy. Then he said – listen to some other song. Then I sang a song by Noor Jahan ji (singer, actress whom Lata ji was influenced by). Then asked – from whom are you learning? I said – to Amanat Khan Sahab (famous classical singer). He was his friend. He started saying – it is very good, learn and I will give you a song. So he called me and started rehearsing. But before that he recorded my voice. And narrated it to S (Shasdhar) Mukherjee sahib’.

‘His (Mukherjee sahib’s, Haider was composing music) picture was being made. The one that featured Yusuf Bhai (Dilip Kumar) and Kamini, ‘Shaheed’. So the song of ‘Shaheed’ was – ‘Badnaam na ho jaye’ (which was recorded and taken away). So he heard my voice. And told them that – this voice will not work. Mukherjee sahib said- It is a very thin voice. Will not match our heroines. So Master ji got very angry. Ghulam Haider Sahib. Started saying – it’s good, it’s okay. And told me – come with me. I went with them. We went to the station on foot. The station was very near, Filmistan (Mukherjee sahab’s studio) K. Me, she and my sister, we were standing. He had a box of 555 (cigarettes) in his hand. Putting a beat on it, he said – just sing, son. He told me by singing the song- ‘He broke my heart, don’t leave me somewhere’. So he sang, I sang together’.

‘Leg to say (Haider sahab) – very good, this is what I want, come on. took me. And went there and started rehearsals and recording after two days. Started saying- You will sing heroine songs in this picture. And there was Munawwar Sultana (actress) in it. His voice was very heavy. My voice didn’t shoot him. Kamini (Kaushal) could do it. Still he took all my songs. And that picture went on at that time. And my songs went on. When those songs were being recorded, Anil Biswas (musician) ji heard me. they called. Khemchand ji (musician Khemchand Prakash) listened. they called. And this is how my song started in everyone’s songs. Sir, this is what was said by Master Ghulam Haider in anger, to Mukherjee sahib – ‘One day big film makers, musicians will fall at the feet of this girl and ask her to sing in their films’. And his prophecy came true at sixteen annas. That is why Javed sahib had said – Lata is self-respecting, praiseworthy.

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