Death Anniversary: ​​Ashok Kumar wanted to become a lawyer, not an actor, read some special things related to him

New Delhi. evergreen actor of bollywood Ashok Kumar Even though he is no longer present among us, his films are still keeping his memories fresh in the hearts of people. Today is the 21st death anniversary of legend actor Ashok Kumar. Today, in his memory, let us tell you some interesting stories related to his life.

The real name of our beloved Dadamuni alias Ashok Kumar was Kumudlal Ganguly. Dadamuni had named himself Ashok Kumar as soon as he stepped into the acting world. Actually, Ashok Kumar was born in a very ordinary family. A family that had no connection with light, camera and action. Ashok Kumar’s father Kunjilal Ganguly was a lawyer and he wanted to make his son a lawyer like himself.

But they say that who can avoid Honi. The one in whose fate it is written, remains with him only. In the fate of Ashok Kumar too, there was no affair of court but the world of films.

If media reports are to be believed, Keylal Ganguly filled the form of the best law college for his son’s admission, but when Ashok Kumar took the exam, he failed in it. Due to the fear of his father, he went to stay at his sister’s house in Bombay. There he got a job in Bombay Talkies on the recommendation of his sister’s husband. He started working as a sound engineer in Bombay Talkies and earned a good living. After some time, he mustered up the courage to face his father and tell him the truth, and finally told his father that he did not want to practice law.

one day luck suddenly shines
Ashok Kumar was first seen on the big screen in the 1936 film ‘Jeevan Naiya’. Perhaps very few people would be aware that Ashok Kumar had also sung a song in his first film. The story of Dadamuni getting his first film is also very interesting.

While working in Bombay Talkies, he would not have even guessed that one day his luck would suddenly change. Actually, Devika Rani and Nazimal Hussain were playing the lead roles in ‘Jeevan Naiya’. But due to mutual quarrel between the two, Nazimal Hussain was fired from the film. Devika was the wife of Bombay Talkies owner Himanshu Roy and it was Himanshu who got Ashok Kumar a place in the film. On his recommendation, the film director cast Ashok Kumar against his will.

Himanshu Roy had a big hand in Ashok Kumar becoming an actor. Not only did he get Ashok Kumar’s first film, but Himanshu was also the one who convinced his father. After Himanshu’s persuasion, Ashok Kumar’s father allowed him to continue acting.

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