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Dehydration in the Elderly: A Serious Health Danger, But We Often Overlook It

We have to accept this truth that our age increases with each passing day. We are growing old just like our grandparents or our parents. The elders of our family depend on us for their care, but it is true that our age is increasing day by day just like them. There must be some of us who have the responsibility of taking care of the elderly in the house. How can we fulfill this great responsibility? For this, we have to take proper care of the elders of our house and take full care of their illness. At the same time, it is also to be tried that they should not be at risk of any other disease.

Due to dehydration, the elderly and people facing serious illness are always at risk. However, there is a relief that if it is detected at the right time, then it can be cured.

How can the elderly become easy victims of dehydration?
As we age, the amount of fluid stored in our body decreases. The intensity of thirst also starts decreasing on its own. Apart from this, elderly people who are battling a serious illness and take medicines regularly, they may get dehydration more quickly. The reason for this is that due to frequent urination, the ability of kidney to work is affected. In general, adults urinate more often than adults. Due to all these reasons, the symptoms of dehydration among the elderly are not caught in the beginning.

Apart from this, there are other things that can cause dehydration:
Due to sunlight or heat: Dehydration is common if it is getting too hot or the sun is too hot or the humidity is too high.

Lack of access to washroom or water: Many times you can get stuck in a situation where there is a problem of clean water to drink or if you are traveling, then washroom is not available. Many people drink less water to stop urination and this can lead to dehydration.

Sudden fall ill: Dehydration can occur even when sick. Fluid can suddenly decrease in the body due to fever, vomiting and diarrhea. With the elderly, it can happen faster and because of this there is a possibility of many more problems.

Symptoms of dehydration can be caught easily, just keep them in mind
Symptoms of dehydration can be easily caught in people of any age, as most of the symptoms are the same in everyone.
1. General dehydration (weight loss of 1-3%), eg, feeling thirsty and frequent dryness of the throat.
2. If the amount of water from the body continues to decrease (up to 4-6% weight loss), in such a condition a lot of tiredness and weakness is felt. Also, the lips become dry and the color of urine also becomes yellow.
3. If dehydration reaches dangerous levels (weight loss of up to 6% or more), extreme thirst, headache, rapid heartbeat, and fatigue occur. With these symptoms the color of urine is yellowish to brownish.
4. When we lose more than 10% of our weight, we may go into a state of neem-unconsciousness. In such a situation, there is also a risk of death due to dehydration.

Simply put, it is difficult for adults suffering from dehydration to stop the problem of frequent thirst and dry throat. The reason for this is that if the hydration level in the body is not right, then there is more thirst than normal. If someone in your family has a problem with dehydration, then take care of how much water they are drinking throughout the day. Give them water and electrolytes to drink every once in a while. If in addition to thirst and dry throat, there is severe fatigue, body aches, headache or heaviness and it does not get better with normal care, then take care. These symptoms can be severe and can range from rapid heartbeat to fainting as the condition worsens.

One more thing to keep in mind here is that if the level of dehydration becomes severe, it can be fatal for children and the elderly. Kidney problems can occur due to lack of water in the body. Such as kidney stones and kidney failure if there is a serious condition. Along with these problems, there may also be problems with digestion. Because of this, you may have to make frequent trips to the bathroom. In some cases, low potassium and sodium levels can lead to stroke and breakdown. Hypovolemic shock, commonly known as a sudden drop in sugar and blood pressure, is also a risk factor due to dehydration.

How can dehydration be avoided?
First of all, it is important to understand that proper hydration does not mean just drinking water as per the requirement. Drinking water alone does not meet the hydration needs. Electrolytes are also needed for the proper functioning of all parts of the body. To avoid dehydration, you have to take care of fluid balance: It is important to drink plenty of water, but at the same time, electrolytes balance is also needed.

For older people, it is important to keep track of how much water they are drinking throughout the day. Carry a bottle of water with you while leaving the house. Always keep count of how much water you are drinking throughout the day. Believe that this is like meeting a goal, like walking 10,000 steps a day or an office goal. Other members of the family should take care whether the elders of the house are drinking the right amount of water or not.

Include things that help with hydration in your daily diet. There are many fruits and vegetables that are great options for hydration. Such as melons, watermelons, berries and vegetables like cucumber, bottle gourd, luffa. Make sure to include them in your meals throughout the day. Also, make a habit of drinking soup once or twice a day. Monitor the use of sugar in your daily diet and try to reduce the amount of sugar intake as much as possible. High sugar or excessive sugar increases dehydration and is especially dangerous for the elderly. Older people tend to have less water than adults, and so too much sugar can mess up their hydration levels.

Do not be shy to go to the bathroom, do not hold urine for a long time. Generally, many people are unable to use public restrooms when they are out of the house or traveling. Especially older people try to hold urine for a long time. Many people drink less water so that they do not have to use the washroom outside. That’s why it is important to have clean toilets in public places too. Even if such a situation arises, instead of stopping urination, some arrangement should be made so that children and elderly people can use the washroom according to the need.

There are a few things to keep in mind before traveling. Packing should be done very carefully while going out of the house. Don’t forget to keep hydrating drinks in your suitcase. Along with this, you must also keep eating such fruits, which fulfill the need of water in the body. If you are traveling long distances, try to have a few stops in between. Apart from this, dehydration can also occur due to cold or heatstroke, so it is important to take care of clothes and food according to the season.

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Dehydration is harmful for older people and if they become a victim of it, then the situation can also become serious. In the elderly, the symptoms of dehydration are not detectable in the beginning. Especially if they already have many types of diseases. However, if we constantly talk to our elders and show empathy towards them, we can come to know a lot in time. We can also be alert to this and prevent the disease from becoming serious. Always keep in mind that there is better avoidance of disease, then tie this thread to take care of the elderly. As far as dehydration is concerned, you have come to know about every aspect of it in detail.

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