Did Aftab plot Shraddha’s murder after watching ‘The Family Man’? Like Samantha’s whereabouts of the corpse!

The brutal murder of Mumbai girl Shraddha in the national capital Delhi has left everyone in shock. Shraddha was murdered by her own boyfriend and live-in partner Aftab. Their relationship was rejected by the family and both were living in Mehrauli area after coming to Delhi from Mumbai for some time. The most sensational and heart-wrenching thing in this whole incident is that Aftab not only killed Shraddha, but also cut her body into 35 pieces with a cross like a giant. To dispose of Shraddha’s body, he made a plan similar to that made by Samantha Ruth Prabhu’s character Raazi in the web series ‘The Family Man’. Like Samantha, he kept on throwing the pieces of the dead body in the forest every day. You must have seen a lot of films and web series influenced by the world of crime, but this time it seems that the matter is reversed.

Remember the third episode in ‘The Family Man, Season 2’. Raji, a fighter of the Sri Lankan rebel group Tamil Tigers, is living in India, hiding from everyone’s eyes. In the third episode, we see that Nanda, the supervisor of the mill where she works, gets to know about Raazi’s reality somewhere. Nanda starts blackmaning him. In the same episode, he reaches Raazi’s house for dinner and then gets drunk and has sex with her. Raazi’s brutal face, which has been looking calm till now on the screen, comes to the fore. She kills Nanda during sex itself. She then cuts Nanda’s body into pieces in the same way Aftab did to Shraddha.

Samantha Ruth Prabhu as Raazi in ‘The Family Man 2’

Raazi had also disposed of Nanda’s body in the same way.
In the next episode of the web series, we see how Samantha’s character i.e. ‘Raazi’ fills the pieces of Nanda’s corpse in polythene. She pours acid all over the house to avoid the smell. Aftab also did something similar, he bought 300 liters of freeze to hide the pieces of the corpse. After this, Samantha’s character in the series kept on throwing the pieces of the corpse into the anonymous garbage one by one at midnight for several days. Just like Aftab threw the pieces of Shraddha’s corpse in the forest for several days.

Delhi Murder Case: Shraddha was killed and cut into 35 pieces, kept throwing for 18 days…the brutality of this season will shake
Police took 6 months to reach Aftab
Aftab had hatched the conspiracy of murder in such a way that it took six months for the police to reach him. Seeing the innocence of Aftab’s face, hardly anyone can guess that he can commit such a brutal murder. Somewhat like, even after seeing Raazi in ‘The Family Man 2’, it was difficult to detect the hidden monster inside her.


File photo of Shraddha

The difference between cinema and the real world changed the story
Aftab’s full name is Aftab Amin Poonawalla, who carried out this brutal incident. He had thrown Shraddha’s dead body into pieces, not one in Delhi, but at many places. Shraddha was a resident of Palghar, Maharashtra. Surely Aftab must be feeling that he too will escape after the murder in his story like in the web series. But this is the difference between cinema and the real world.

Why did Aftab kill Shraddha?
The truth statement made by the Delhi Police in this whole matter gives goosebumps. According to the police, on May 18, Aftab and Shraddha had a fight over some issue. After this, Aftab killed Shraddha by strangulation. After that, like a dreaded murderer, he cut Shraddha’s body into 35 pieces and bought a 300-liter refrigerator to keep it. After this, for the next 18 days, Aftab kept coming out of the house at around 2 o’clock in the midnight and kept throwing pieces of Shraddha’s body at different places in Delhi. His thinking was that by throwing the pieces in the forest, knowing someone or the other would eat it.

aftab shraddha

File photo of Aftab and Shraddha

Mumbai, Call Center, Love and Murder in Delhi
Shraddha used to work in the call center of a multinational company in Mumbai. There he met Aftab. The friendship of both of them turned into love after a few days. But the family members did not approve of their relationship. Both of them then moved to Delhi and started living together in a flat in Mehrauli area without informing the family. It is said that the main reason for their quarrel was that Shraddha now wanted to get married, but Aftab was not ready for it.

When the family came to meet Shraddha, the secret was open
According to the police, on November 8, Shraddha’s father Vikas Madan reached Delhi to inquire about the condition of his daughter. He was calling on Shraddha’s phone for several months, but there was no response. When Vikas Madan reached Shraddha’s flat, the door was locked. He approached Mehrauli police and lodged a complaint of kidnapping. Police arrested Aftab on the basis of suspicion. Interrogation took place and on being strict, Aftab revealed the secret of that sensational incident, which has now shocked the whole country.

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