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Dilip Tahil was once wandering for 6 years for work, the juggler of talent changed his luck in 48 years

Dilip Tahil has been a great actor in those days when only good faces were considered heroes. He was such a versatile actor that he used to get into every character. Whether it was to play the character of a villain or to do comedy, he used to do everything in front of the camera with such seriousness that it did not seem that he was acting. Do you know that when he was 10 years old, he started acting in plays. It is said that his father had tried to give him training to sail a ship, but Dilip was only interested in acting. His journey started with plays, reached the theater and then filmmaker Shyam Benegal took notice of him. He got his first movie, but after that he did not get any work for 6 years. Gradually, films started getting available, but he got real identity by playing the role of Madan Chopra in Shahrukh Khan’s movie ‘Baazigar’. Let’s know about the unique story of Dilip Tahil’s life in today’s Saturday Superstar.

Started acting from the age of 10

Dilip Tahil was born on 30 October 1952 in Agra, Uttar Pradesh. His father’s name was Ghanshyam Tahil Ramani, who worked in the Indian Air Force. For this reason, from time to time, his posting was done in different cities in India. Therefore, the childhood of Duleep was also spent in different places. Dileep also has an elder sister, whose name is Geeta. Dileep did his schooling from Sherwood College, Nainital. After this he did his graduation from Aligarh Muslim University and St. Xavier’s College. He was fond of acting since childhood. He started taking part in plays at the age of just 10.

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Because of this, the decision to get into acting was taken.
In the last year of his studies, Dilip Tahil did such a great job in plays that he got a lot of applause. After this, Dalip decided to make a name in the acting world. After the father retired and got a job in Mumbai, the whole family settled there. Dileep joined a theater in Mumbai, so that he could further enhance his acting. Here he got to learn a lot more than acting.

father used to train to fly

It is said that during graduation, Dilip Tahil’s father also used to give him training to fly ships, but his interest always remained in acting. When he was doing theatre, when famous filmmaker Shyam Benegal caught sight of him. Dileep got his first movie ‘Ankur’ in the year 1974. Dilip’s role was big in this, but when he went to watch the film at a premium, he was shocked, because his role was reduced to just one scene. When he asked the question to Shyam, he came to know that his role had to be cut to set the timing of the movie.

Did not get work for 6 years

Now Dileep, who has worked in more than 100 films, did not get work for 6 years after the first movie. Because of this, he was forced to spend money by doing jingles, modeling and advertising. In the year 1980, he got work in Ramesh Sippy’s movie ‘Shaan’, but his role was small. He got the opportunity to work in this movie because of Javed Akhtar. After this he did a cameo in the movie ‘Gandhi’. After this Dileep worked in many big films.

Identity made in TV too
Do you know that Dilip Tahil has also worked on TV. Yes. He played an important role in the TV show ‘Buniyaad’. He also acted in the British TV series ‘Bombay Blues’. To say that Dileep’s career in Hollywood started with the movie ‘Gandhi’, but he got international recognition with ‘The Deceivers’ and ‘A Perfect Murder’.

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success here

Dileep got real success in 1993 with the movie ‘Baazigar’ with Shahrukh Khan. In this film, he played the character of Madan Chopra and became famous. Then he did many big films, but people liked his work in Aamir Khan and Ajay Devgan’s movie ‘Ishq’. His character was completely different from the previous characters. He is also appreciated for his portrayal of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

related to controversies
Talking about the controversies, in the year 2018, Dileep was arrested by the Mumbai Police. It is said that he was driving under the influence of alcohol. His car had hit the autorickshaw. Due to which the passenger sitting in the auto suffered a lot of injuries.

personal life

Dilip, who earned name and fame in the acting world, started his political innings with BJP. Talking about personal life, he had met businesswoman Amrita. This couple has a son and a daughter. He is also active on social media.



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