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Diwali 2022: Kriti Sanon is decorating the house with rangoli and diyas, Sonakshi’s Diwali is family

Diwali, the festival of shining lights. Diwali is the festival of spreading light by removing darkness from life. This Diwali is special. It is obvious that after almost two years after suffering the brunt of the corona epidemic, we all are celebrating Diwali with full gusto. The smell of food is coming from every house, two-three days before Diwali, buildings across the country have been decorated with colorful lights. This Diwali is also special for our Bollywood. From Shilpa Shetty to Manish Malhotra and Taapsee Pannu to Anand Pandit, pictures and videos of Diwali party are going viral on social media. Meanwhile, Navbharat Times spoke to well-known Bollywood actresses and asked how special Diwali is for them this time. Let us know the words of the same stars, what is the meaning of Diwali for them.

Sonakshi Sinha said – my Diwali family

To be honest, this time I am looking forward to a quiet Diwali. I think Pandemic has made me accustomed to being isolated. There will be Lakshmi Puja in the house and Diwali dinner. In it all our families will gather. The real fun of Diwali was in childhood. Diwali meant more to buy things of your choice. At that time, we used to keep an eye on the dishes, sweets etc. made at home. On the day of Diwali, we all used to sit together and have a traditional dinner at home. I remember that in those days special toys made of clay and sugar used to come here for our children from Patna. Such toys were not available in Mumbai then. Childhood Diwali used to have its own meaning and all those days were memorable. But this Diwali, I will definitely say that happiness and prosperity come to everyone’s house.

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Kriti Sanon is decorating the house with Rangoli and Diyas

“This year’s Diwali was very memorable for me as I organized a grand party with my sister Nupur which was attended by all my friends from the industry. In fact, ever since I came to Mumbai, I haven’t hosted any Diwali party. I felt that my parents were here with me, so a voice came from inside me that I should organize a Diwali party. I was very excited about my Diwali party. Today is Diwali, so in Diwali there is a plan to decorate the house with sister, make rangoli and flower decoration. I will definitely participate in Diwali Puja and I want to decorate my house with diyas. This is what I pray, everyone gets happiness on this Diwali.

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Huma Qureshi will make a big splash on Diwali

‘I am in a mood to have a lot of fun this Diwali and I have started it with Diwali party. I am busy promoting my film ‘Double XL’, but still I will not miss this opportunity to celebrate Diwali with friends. I want to meet you. Everyone has to go home, because Diwali is my favorite festival and we also play a little card for shagun so that Lakshmi comes to everyone’s house. This Diwali has brought hope not only for me but for all of us. After a long gap of two years, we are able to celebrate Diwali with an open heart. I just wish this Diwali a happy and prosperous one for all.’



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