Diwali 2022: There is a special importance of keeping a penny after Lakshmi Puja, the vault will be full of notes

Diwali 2022: The method of worshiping Goddess Lakshmi may be different in different states, but in most states, the worship items used while worshiping are almost the same. There are many religious beliefs behind the worship. The most important of these is Lakshmi Arrival i.e. keeping a penny to keep the money in the vault.

It is believed that if a penny is kept in a special way after worshiping in the vault, then money definitely comes in the form of Lakshmi in the house.

yellow penny law
Pandit Rajkumar Chaturvedi According to this, yellow colored cowries have great importance on Diwali. Which is also considered rare. There are religious beliefs that after worshiping on Dhanteras after Lakshmi Puja or two days before Lakshmi Puja, keeping this cowry in a red cloth and keeping it near the photo of the mother kept in the vault, then the vault never remains empty. The condition is that you save money by doing good work. According to Chaturvedi, if cowry is kept in the vault for five consecutive days in Diwali and other worship, then it gives more auspicious results.

Keep these things also with a penny, they will become different
Pandit Santosh Sharma Said that the yellow colored cowry is the most important. Five bales of turmeric with it, if turmeric is black, then it is very good. Keep this also near the penny. Betel nut and rice should also be kept there. If all these ingredients are kept in red colored cloth, then more fruit is obtained. Apart from this, 11 or 21 rupees which are kept in the worship text, those rupees should also be kept with a penny. If these coins are of silver and have Goddess Lakshmi, Saraswati and Lord Ganesha on them, then these coins have a different significance. It is necessary to have full faith and devotion during the worship recitation. If there is no deceit and deceit in the mind, then you definitely get the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi.

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