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Do not get caught somewhere in the trap of wrong policy! Things to keep in mind before buying car insurance


There are a large number of companies today for car insurance.
Compare the offers of companies before taking an insurance policy.
Before taking a policy, definitely pay attention to the term and conditions.

New Delhi. Most of the time we do not pay attention while taking car insurance and we get the car insurance renewed only on the phone coming for policy renewal. Neither do we ask whether to get the insurance comprehensive or third party. Nor do we ask what are the benefits we are getting in that policy or what can and cannot claim during any accident or in any other situation. That is, what the policy is covering, what it is not doing and how the premium rates are calculated.

There are hundreds of insurance providers in the market these days and they also do many different types of policies. In such a situation, it is necessary to pay attention to which policy you are taking and what are its benefits. Before this it is also important that you understand the term and condition of the insurance company very well. Let us tell you some important things related to car insurance.

how many types of car insurance

  • First Party or Comprehensive Insurance: First party insurance is considered the best because it covers the maintenance of the vehicle in the event of an accident, treatment for injury, and the damage caused to the other party in the accident from the vehicle to the injury. It is also called zero depth or comprehensive policy. Even if your car is stolen, you can claim it. Also, you are told at the time of taking the policy, how many times you can raise claims according to different policies and premiums. It has many advantages but its only disadvantage is that its premium is high.
  • Third Party Insurance: In third party insurance, you will not get any claim during any accident. But as its name is called third party, according to that the loss of the person from whom the accident of your vehicle has happened is compensated. The disadvantage of this insurance policy is that you do not get any kind of claim in it. Its biggest advantage is that it is available at a much cheaper premium than the first party. Sometimes its premium is less than half as compared to the first party.

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Keep these things in mind while taking insurance

  • If you are going to take the insurance policy again from the company from which you have taken the insurance policy earlier, then you will get a discount in the premium. Along with this your cover will also increase. So be sure to know about it.
  • Make sure to compare policies of other providers before taking insurance. Due to the competition, there are also companies offering more cover at a lower premium.
  • It is better to check the policy details yourself online than to fall for the agent.
  • Make a checklist of what is covered in insurance and what is not, then compare and buy the policy that suits you.
  • Before finalizing the policy, get the car valuation done by the insurance company executive and negotiate the value of the car, because if you ever go to sell your car then the calculated value of your vehicle as given on the policy plays an important role.
  • Companies give a lot of discounts on taking a policy of more than one year, as well as you can also negotiate on comparing, definitely do this.

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