‘Don’t fall for the bluff…’ Aamir Khan worshiped the urn with Kiran Rao, users put it in Lanka!

Aamir Khan and his ex-wife Kiran Rao performed puja as per Hindu rituals at their office ‘Aamir Khan Productions’. Aamir performed the Kalash puja and Kiran joined him in the aarti. Advait Chandan, director of the movie ‘Lal Singh Chadha’, has shared photos of Pooja on social media, which are going viral on the internet.

Aamir Khan and Ex-Wife Kiran Rao Performed Puja: Aamir Khan wore a sweatshirt and denim during the puja. Along with wearing Nehru cap and covered cotton gamaksha. During the puja he placed the kalash on his head. Why this worship took place, it has not been revealed yet.

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Aarti with ex-wife Kiran Rao

Advait Chandan has shared many photos of Aamir and Kiran Rao. Aamir and Kiran also performed aarti together. Both held the aarti plate and folded hands with reverence. During this, Kiran appeared in a simple look with long denim shirt and leggings.

Users are reacting like this

Reacting to this photo, a fan wrote, ‘Wow, cute superb Aamir Khan ji and Kiran Rao ji are looking very cute while worshiping. I am very happy.’ Another commented, “Always love both Aamir and Kiran.” However, many people are finding this acting. Watch and react:

One boycott and this situation

Pretend to be a Hindu, don’t get fooled

Khan sahab agreed

Another attempt to mislead Hindus

power of sanatan dharma

beware of impersonators

Aamir-Kiran broke their marriage of 15 years
Significantly, Aamir and Kiran have broken their marriage of 15 years. Both had announced the separation last year, but they had also told that it will not affect their son Azad and work. Recently, Kiran also attended the engagement party of Aamir’s daughter Aira Khan.

Made distance from films
Talking about the workfront, Aamir’s ‘Lal Singh Chadha’ was badly beaten at the box office, but when the film was released on OTT, it was appreciated. Now the actor has distanced himself from films. It is being told that he will return to the acting world after a year. Aamir is also in discussion these days because of his looks. Many people are liking his gray hair look while some are calling it useless.

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