Due to this there was a rift in the friendship of Raj Kapoor and Pran, the distance had increased, then no film together

New Delhi: Raj Kapoor and Pran were the best actors of Bollywood, who worked in more than one film. Both remained in headlines not only because of their films and acting, but also because of their friendship. Pran had such a charm that he used to charge more fees than the hero of the film, but when it came to work in his friend Raj Kapoor’s film ‘Bobby’, he took only Re 1 as a fee. Surprisingly, due to a cheque, there was a rift in their friendship.

Raj Kapoor had to face huge losses after the film ‘Mera Naam Joker’ flopped. He then planned to make the film ‘Bobby’ with Rishi Kapoor and Dimple Kapadia. According to the news, Raj Kapoor had a lot of money, so he had mortgaged his wife’s jewelry and property. Raj Kapoor approached Pran for the role of Rishi Kapoor’s husband in the film.

Raj Kapoor told Pran about his financial condition. He said that he is not able to pay the fees, but will fulfill their demand. Realizing the trouble of his friend, Pran took only Re 1 as fee. Pran told Raj Kapoor that if the film becomes successful, then give the fee, otherwise it doesn’t matter.

Raj Kapoor got the great result of his hard work. The film ‘Bobby’ was a super hit at the box office and his condition got better. Raj Kapoor now had to pay the full fee to Pran as promised, but he gave the actor a check of only Rs 1 lakh. When the check reached Pran, he was very angry. The actor felt that he had supported Raj Kapoor in his difficult times. Now when there is no problem with them, then they should not hesitate to pay the full fees. He did not like the behavior of Raj Kapoor, never worked with him again.

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