Earthquake on social media due to appeal not to watch ‘Ponniyan Selvan’ again! Know what is the reason

‘The viewers who have seen ‘PS 1′ are requested not to watch the film again at least this week so that other people get a chance to see the film.’ When someone makes such a request to you, then obviously it will come to your mind that the film is a bang and people are not getting to see it. But on the other hand it may also happen that you are being told that this film should be seen by twisting the talkā€¦ well, it is now on your understanding that how much you are affected by this thing. We are not requesting the audience to watch the film ‘Ponniyin Selvan-1’, but Ramesh Bala, who is considered a big trade analyst of South Industry. His request has given people a new topic of discussion.

Ramesh Bala is a great trade analyst and his views are taken very seriously by the audience. Their analysis matters to the audience before they go to watch the movies. There is a lot of enthusiasm in the South Industry regarding the recently released Mani Ratnam’s film ‘Ponniyan Selvan 1’.

Trade analyst Ramesh Bala shared a post on Twitter on the release of the film. In this post, he wrote, ‘Those who have seen ‘PS 1’ are requested not to watch the film again this week. Many viewers want to see this film. Give your tickets to those who have not seen this film even once.

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No way of promotion?
As soon as this post of Ramesh Bala came out, it became a topic of discussion. The first message going from this post of his is that ‘PS1’ is a very good film and the audience is not even getting tickets for it. On the other hand, many types of comments are coming on this post of his. According to people, this post of his is a part of the promotion strategy. One user wrote, ‘Promotion level’, another wrote, ‘Unnecessary buildup’. Seeing the comments coming on the post, it seems that people are not digesting this request of Ramesh Bala.

There are some such comments
Social media users are constantly commenting by giving Ramesh Bala’s tweet. Users are asking him whether the film is really good or is it just a promotion technique. On Bala’s tweet post, a user wrote, ‘Boring film’, ‘One time watchable’, while some have called it ‘mass comedy’ and a great film.

Big business of entertainment
There is a big business behind entertainment in the world of movies. Here many types of planning are done behind the scenes so that people’s connection with the world of entertainment remains. At the same time, the business also continued to grow. From the time the film is made to its release, many types of plans are made. In the last few times, the audience has also become smart and after the arrival of a new film, they go to the cinema hall only after doing a thorough investigation. In such a situation, now the trade analysts giving more importance to the particular film raises many questions.

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