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Even if brother got a scratch…. Pawan Singh’s fans openly threatened his wife Jyoti Singh

Bhojpuri star Pawan Singh who is famous. are popular. Equally, the sword of accusations is also hanging on them. For a long time, the actor and singer has been making headlines due to his personal life. His second wife Jyoti had filed a case in the court for alimony. It was alleged that how much wrong Pawan had done to him. Incited him to suicide and even forced to do abortion. He also claimed that he has proof of everything. Now after this the fans of the actor started trolling him, after which Jyoti has given a befitting reply to the troll army.

Actually, after Pawan Singh divorced, Jyoti asked for alimony from the actor. Because of this, he started being trolled. It was said that she is taking advantage of the actor’s fame. However, this had no effect on Jyoti. He has given a befitting reply to all the trollers through his Instagram account.

Pawan Singh: Pawan Singh directed to appear in court on November 5, hearing is to be held on wife’s demand
Jyoti Singh gave a befitting reply to the troll army
He shared some pictures on Instagram. Also wrote a caption – Don’t talk about honesty with me. I still have tons of secrets for those who smell my name. It is being said through this post that she is targeting Pawan Singh. However, despite the divorce, people are telling her the truth even after being dressed like a suhagan. Not only this, if you see his insta bio, he has written Mrs. Pawan Singh in it too.

Pawan Singh’s fans threatened Jyoti
One user wrote in the comment section – When divorce came about, he also started applying vermilion. One threatened and said – Jyoti ji you are doing wrong with brother. If anything will happen to Jay Bhaiya. If there is even a scratch then it will be very wrong. One wrote – Maybe you are forgetting that people know you only because of Pawan Singh.

Pawan Singh Wife: Forced to commit suicide, medicines given for miscarriage- wife accuses Pawan Singh
Jyoti Singh had leveled allegations against Pawan Singh
Please tell that Jyoti had accused Pawan Singh and his family. It was said that he has been mentally and physically defeated. At the same time, pressure has been made for abortion and has also been instigated to commit suicide. In the written complaint given to the police, the actress had told a lot of things.



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