Exclusive: Neetu Kapoor had spoken after listening to her mother-in-law’s advice- Mommy, my man will kill me

Be it reel life or real life, a lot can be learned from his life. We are talking about the well-known actress Neetu Kapoor, who took over her house as a child artist and supported her husband Rishi Kapoor every step of the way when they got married. Whether it is their career or a deadly disease like cancer. These days he is in discussion with his new film ‘Jug Jug Jio’, in this meeting he talks about his film, career, high and low points of marriage, divorce, Rishi Kapoor’s cancer, son Ranbir and Alia’s marriage. Talk openly.

You are very popular with the paparazzi these days. They keep on taking updates from you constantly and you also keep asking about their well being?
My friendship with the paparazzi happened during the judging of ‘Dance Deewane Juniors’. These people live around the set every day. I even told them that if my show is over, I will miss you a lot. I have become so used to him that I have started knowing everyone by his name. They are all very sweet. I feel whether it is the paparazzi or your fellow artist, you give him love and respect, you will get the same in return. My husband was a bit rude, but used to respect everyone. Actually there was no filter inside Rishi ji. He was very outspoken and bold. I was so scared of his Twitter that now he got a call in his hand and two drinks did not go in that there would be some ruckus. I used to know from his expression that today he is going to write something. Actually they were quite real.

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It sounds strange to ask this, but you must be missing him a lot.
I miss them so much. In fact, while living together for so many years, he had become my best friend. I didn’t have any other friends. He was so positive about me that I didn’t have time to make friends. I never had lunch or dinner in my house, because I had to be with Rishi ji. I didn’t work because I thought if I worked, this person would get bored. They wanted me to be with them all the time. We used to watch movies together, have dinner, go for a walk. The reason was that today I started work to overcome my loneliness. I thought if I didn’t work, what else would I do? I’ll just keep thinking about them. The first 6-7 months were very painful for me, but then God also gives us strength. At the same time, my son said that mom, you should work. Even more fortunate than that, Karan (Johar) was sitting there. He said yes, yes, do, I said half-heartedly, where will I act now, then Karan said that the next day he is bringing director Raj with him to narrate the script to me. The next day when he narrated my role to me, I really liked it and I said yes, so I can say that my healing started from there. Then I got hooked on costumes, wigs, makeup etc. I hired a tutor for this role. It was a good decision for me to work in this film. I am not greedy for fame and money at this stage of age and career, I just want to do good work. Not only youngsters but also middle age people will connect with the characters of this film. Now like I have a dialogue in the film that there is no one reason for Rishta Tune, it is the fatigue of many unfinished battles, so the character of Geeta, she suffers and comes to a point and spills her cup of patience. goes.

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The issue of divorce has also been highlighted in the film, but you have been a part of an ideal marriage. What do you consider to be the reason for the rising divorce rate?
The biggest reason for this is Women’s Liberation. I am not against women’s liberation. You do it, be liberal, today the woman has become strong, but I believe that let the man also play his part. Don’t prove to a man idiot that we are stronger than you. Today, the more self-reliance has increased, the more tolerance has decreased. Today there has been a thinking that if it is not frozen then leave it, life is too short, our life has become very westernized. Maybe our times were different. We used to believe in marriage, we used to think that in which house quarrels do not happen, but now the tolerance has reduced.

If I talk about your marriage, what was the high point and low point of your marriage?
The high point of my marriage was my husband. They loved me so much. His world just revolved around me. He used to show me his film first and my opinion meant a lot to him. If he had to say anything to his son Ranbir too, he would have said it through me. That was the reason why I never worked, I thought if I went to work, this man would fall apart. If we talk about the lowest point, then he had a phase of four-five years as an actor. Actually I told him that I feel that you are no longer interested in work, your body language is showing it. In fact, I did not like his work in his last two-three films and I said, you do not like me, so he kind of lost his courage. He left his career, but leaving his career tied him in the house and there was a very difficult period, between leaving his job and becoming a director. Those five-six years have not been good for us. Otherwise our marriage was everything. If we used to laugh and joke, then there would be a lot of fights between us. The fights were so intense that I didn’t talk to them for a couple of months. Actually you could not quarrel with them, whatever they say is correct. He didn’t listen, so I used to stop talking to him for a couple of months. Then after two months he would come to me and ask, well tell me what happened? Why are you not talking? Then I used to keep my point and he would convince me by saying sorry.

Recently there was World Day Against Child Labor Day and on this day there was a debate on the issue of working hours of child actors, you yourself have been a child artist, have you faced that kind of pressure?
I think all the pressure on children is from the parents. See, what is it, when the children who came to work in the reality show or entertainment world, when they return to their villages and towns, they have become famous and open some of their own studios or classes to earn a living. Looking at this aspect, it seems that they are being helped. When I was a child actor, there was pressure on me too. I was taking care of my family. I also used to act, go to school and dance classes too. The entire financial burden of the family was on me. After marriage, I left work, but by then I had secured my mother financially. But then the situation became such that I took a house on Pali Hill and it continued to be built for ten years, so during that time Rishi and I stayed with my mother. Then when our house was built, Rishi ji said, now I have become so used to living with my mother-in-law that she should also be asked to live together. Then when Krishna Raj became my home, my mother came with me.

Starting as a child artist to a heroine and then even after marriage, you have seen many ups and downs (Rishi Kapoor suffering from cancer), but never lost your positivity?
I never grumble. I tell my daughter Riddhima and son Ranbir to wake up every morning and thank you, you are better than lakhs of people. When Rishi ji used to go for chemotherapy, there was no food in his mouth and when I used to eat, I used to feel bad, but I used to think that how lucky I am that I am able to eat. Rishi ji could not eat even if he wanted to. When I took him to the hospital, he would not go away. I have seen and experienced a lot in life and all I can say is never forget to thank. I am not very religious. I believe in spirituality, whereas Rishi ji used to worship for an hour every morning and evening.

Today your son Ranbir is married to Alia, how much do you feel?
I feel very proud, relaxed and grateful. I am thankful to have got a daughter-in-law like Alia, who is so real and sweet. There is no pretense or fakeness in it. Ranbir is relaxed today and he is very relaxed today, so I love it. My son is happy, so what more do I need? Like today my Riddhima is happy, so it does not mean that my son-in-law is good.

What are your expectations from Alia as a mother-in-law?
Just nothing. I have zero expectation. I already told him, we will be like friends. Do whatever he wants to do, whatever I want to do, I do. There is no binding. My mother-in-law (Krishna Kapoor) never imposed any restrictions on me. My arms are a bit thick, so I used to wear sleeveless blouses, so she would say wear some revealing blouses or else tera miyan hai na nikal jayega somewhere (laughs out loud) so wear a little low neck. She was like that. I would say mommy my man will kill me, he doesn’t like low neck clothes at all. I had a very loving relationship with my mother-in-law and so do I think with Alia.


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