Explained: ‘Pathan’ returned after 4 years of exile, how 56-year-old Shahrukh Khan widened the chest of ‘Bollywood’

A saying fits very well in the world of cinema, ‘What is seen, is sold…’ and perhaps this is the reason that whenever an actor returns after a break of a few years or tries to return to the screen again So often the story after the break is completely different from the story before the break. Whether it is Abhishek Bachchan, who returned after 3 years, or Karisma Kapoor, who was a store of superhits, Kajol, the bride of ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’ or Rani Mukherjee, who did films like ‘Black’ and ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’, the word ‘comeback’ Has decreased the brightness of all the stars. but Shahrukh Khan’s comeback film ‘Pathan’, who is returning to the screen after 4 years, has done wonders at the box office. But the grandeur shown by ‘Pathan’ at the box office from the very first day has slapped many untold allegations.

I have nothing else to say…
The story of Shah Rukh Khan’s comeback as ‘Pathan’, hardly anyone would have seen before in Hindi cinema. Before the release of the film, Shah Rukh said in response to a tweet, ‘I have nothing new to say, so I am not giving interviews. Jab hoga, to zaroor dunga…’ But what Shahrukh did not say, he is now saying the box office collection of ‘Pathan’ without his saying. It is said that a person becomes weakest when his family is in trouble. Last year, Shahrukh’s son Aryan Khan was taken into custody in a drugs case. Even then Shahrukh did not say anything. Shahrukh still did not say anything… But now everyone is talking only Shahrukh-Shahrukh. Often the success of films pleases its production house, but the entire Bollywood is dancing in the success of ‘Pathan’.

Shahrukh Khan’s fans expressing happiness after watching the film Pathan.

Pathan’s support to Bollywood
After Corona, such a wave was created against Bollywood in the lockdown that the ‘Boycott Bollywood’ trend started on social media. This gang claimed that we have made films flop, while many cinema experts were seen saying that ‘there is no connection in our films, that’s why they are flopping’. Director Rohit Shetty said, ‘Films are being prepared between Andheri to Bandra, so how will they connect with the audience.’ The same Rohit Shetty put ‘Circus’ on Christmas last year. Karan Johar showed such a magical world of box office numbers to prove his film ‘Brahmastra’ a hit, then he himself was seen explaining to the people that ‘this is gross, not net, hey it is not India’s number, it is world’s number’ So-and-so…’

shah rukh khan pathan deepika padukone

Shahrukh Khan is going to be seen on screen for 4 years through ‘Pathan’.

In the midst of all this uproar, a narrative was also set that the ‘heroism’ which has been lost in Hindi cinema, has been found by the audience in South Cinema’s films like ‘KGF’ and ‘RRR’. Or now there is nothing like star power… Now Bollywood stars are not able to pull the audience to the cinema. Rather, for whom the whole of India was rejoicing over the international victory of Rajamouli’s film, he bluntly said, ‘RRR’ is not a Bollywood film. A ‘Twitter Famous Critic’ had already declared that ’56 year old hero will show abs, Pathan is going to be a flop, it will be a disaster…’ But the whole year many people who made all these theories and proved them 25 Seeing Shahrukh Khan’s entry on January 2023, he is unable to understand what happened after all…

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