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Fake event in Thailand in the name of Sunny Leone, upset actress alerts fans

Fraud in the name of film stars has become very common. Sometimes by creating a fake account in his name and sometimes in the name of giving work in his name, the incidents of cheating have become common, but now you will be surprised to know about what has happened in the name of Sunny Leone. Sunny Leone has disclosed this incident happening in her name on social media. Sunny has informed her fans through her Twitter handle that a fake promotion is going on in her name, so everyone should be careful.

Sunny has told in her post that her name is being misused. His name is being used for an event he is not a part of. In such a situation, the actress says that the organizer or anyone else does not have permission to use her name for any fake event. He has warned the fans that they should neither attend this event nor pay any kind of fee for this program.

While sharing the photo, Sunny wrote in the caption- ‘I am not associated with this event nor do the organizers of this event need to use my name. Don’t fall for this scam. Along with this, he has also used the hashtag of #Scams. Many users have given reaction on this post of Sunny.

Sunny Leone has shared a poster on social media, with the caption that an award function is going to be held in Thailand. In order to participate, registration is required. It is written in the poster that the New Year is to be celebrated in Thailand through the Awards of Excellence. The poster has a picture of Sunny Leone, which states that the actress will be a part of the event.

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