Famous TV actress reached Dubai to buy gold, got confused after visiting the market, watch video

Mumbai. TV actress Deepika Kakkar is visiting Dubai these days. Deepika keeps posting her blogs from the world of TV. Deepika keeps sharing things continuously through the blog. After reaching Dubai, Deepika reached the gold market.

While exploring gold shops here, Deepika has also shared the prices of jewellery. Deepika runs her YouTube channel. Deepika also keeps sharing things related to her life through the channel. Along with this, she also makes videos of her travels and shares them with her fans.

Deepika reached Dubai’s famous gold market
Dubai’s gold is very famous in India. People like to buy gold jewelery from Dubai. People keep believing that the gold prices in Dubai are less than in India. This is the reason why gold smugglers from Dubai are also caught at the airport.

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At the same time, many people also prefer to buy gold legally from Dubai. There is also a dedicated market for gold in Dubai. Deepika Kakkar has also reached to explore this market. Deepika has explored the entire market. Along with going to the shops, Deepika also saw the prices of jewelery and gave complete information to the fans as well.

Reached more than 2 million views
Fans have also liked this YouTube video of Deepika a lot. Ever since Deepika posted this video, views have surfaced on it.

So far more than 2.6 million views have come. Deepika took the fans on a trip to Dubai with gold. Along with this, the Spice Market i.e. the market of spices was also shown here. Fans also stay connected with Deepika through videos and keep visiting all the places.

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