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‘Fear haunts UP after 7 pm’, Priyanka Chopra questions policeman on women’s safety

Priyanka Chopra During UNICEF Field Tour : Priyanka Chopra recently visited Lucknow as the ambassador of UNICEF. A video has been shared on the social media platform of Priyanka Chopra and UNICEF, where Priyanka Chopra also reached the 24/7 control room for the safety of women. Through this post, Priyanka shared a long note about Women Power Line 1090, which has been made to help the women and children of UP. In this video, Priyanka Chopra is seen asking the police officer that ‘Now tell me one thing, in cities like UP, I have also grown up in Lucknow but still there is a fear from inside, especially after 7:00 pm. …’

Responding to Priyanka’s question, the police officer tells her that – “Let me show you the data … While visiting the control room, Priyanka looks at the work going on there, after which the police officer tells her That- it’s not the police because we want these people to be neutral. Sharing this video, Priyanka wrote in the caption – Safety and security of women is a need. We hear daily many stories of violence and harassment against women and girls from across the country.

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Priyanka further writes that – “There are many things that need to be done as soon as possible and which is the most basic …”. You can read in this post what Priyanka said in her caption about the safety of women. Through this post, Priyanka has also tried to tell how violence against women and children is happening in India, but still many women and children remain silent due to some or the other fear. Priyanka said that she hopes that such helplines can be of use to lakhs of women and children.

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