First left her husband, then romanced a married actor; Today 1 daughter is the top actress of Bollywood

New Delhi: Many popular Bollywood actresses have a deep connection with South Cinema. Some actresses worked in South cinema before becoming famous in Bollywood. Apart from Sridevi, Rekha also has a deep association with South Cinema. Actually, his mother Pushpavali has been a famous actress of South, who was in headlines for her personal life more than her films.

Pushpavalli worked in Tamil and Telugu films. Like her daughter Rekha, she was also very famous. She played the role of Sita for the first time on screen. He got Rs 300 as fee for this role in that period. When popularity increased, lead roles started coming. Pushpavali got married in 1940, but after 6 years she started living separately from her husband. At the same time, a new star was entered in Tamil cinema, namely- Gemini Ganesan, whose debut film ‘Miss Malini’ had the lead role of Pushpavalli.

Love affair started with married actor
The magic of on-screen romance showed in real life as well and Pushpavali fell in love with her new hero, Gemini Ganesan. Just as Shah Rukh Khan is the ‘King of Romance’ of Bollywood, similarly Gemini Ganesan was the romantic hero of Tamil film. Pushpavalli gave her heart to the married Gemini Ganesan. She wanted Gemini to give her the status of his wife which was never possible. She remained his lover all his life.

Rekha with her mother. (Photo Credits: Instagram@bombaybasanti)

Rekha did not get father’s love in childhood
Pushpavali became the mother of two girls without marrying the actor, one of them is Bollywood’s evergreen actress Rekha. The second daughter worked in Tamil films for some time. Rekha did not get father’s love in her childhood. His mother died in the year 1991 at the age of 65. He played the lead role in a few selected films, otherwise he had supporting roles in most of the films.

Rekha got her first role in a Telugu film
According to media reports, Rekha stepped into the acting world at the age of 12 with the Telugu film ‘Rangula Ratnam’, three years after which she appeared in her first Hindi film ‘Anjaana Safar’, which was later renamed as ‘Two Hunters’ was done. 68 years old Rekha is still active in the film world.

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