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Forced to commit suicide, given medicines for miscarriage – wife accuses Pawan Singh

Bhojpuri actor Pawan Singh remains in the headlines due to his professional and personal life. Whether there is an allegation of suicide of first wife Neelam or of assaulting actress Akshara Singh. His controversies do not leave him behind. Now once again he is in the news for some similar reasons. His first wife Jyoti has once again accused Unar of mental harassment.

Jyoti Singh has claimed that Pawan Singh has pressurized her for abortion and has also instigated her to commit suicide. According to media reports, Ballia Police has told that Jyoti has filed her complaint, after which she is now investigating the matter. It is also being told that Pawan Singh has been called many times but he is not answering it.

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Jyoti also accused Pawan Singh’s mother
According to the written complaint of Jyoti Singh, she was married to Pawan in the year 2018. After a few months passed, Pawan started commenting on his looks etc. Not only that, Jyoti also accused the actor’s mother. Told that the mother-in-law had taken 50 lakh rupees given by the mother and she used to abuse her every day.

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Jyoti Singh has all the evidence
Jyoti Singh told that Pawan Singh and his family members had instigated him to commit suicide apart from torturing him mentally. When she was pregnant, she was given medicines to induce miscarriage. It is also alleged that Pawan used to abuse her while intoxicated. Used to behave abusively. Jyoti says that she is not saying all these things in the air. He has proof of all the allegations.

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Pawan Singh has to appear in court
Jyoti Singh has filed a petition in the court seeking maintenance from Pawan Singh. On 22 April, he had applied in the family court of Ballia. Now for the hearing on this, Pawan Singh has to appear in the court on November 5 and present his side.



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