From cheap tickets to cameos, actors are trying these funds to run their films, what will happen?

Before Corona, Bollywood superstars did not need much promotion of films, because the fans waiting for their films used to crowd the cinema from the very first day to watch the film. But nowadays film stars are trying all kinds of tricks to run their films in theaters facing lack of audience. Here is a report:

Shah Rukh Khan’s film ‘Pathan’, released earlier this year, broke all the records of earning at the box office. The film also broke the record of Baahubali 2, the highest-grossing film in Hindi at the box office by earning more than 540 crores nationwide. Of course, before the release, the film was in a lot of controversies regarding its song Besharam Rang. In such a situation, no one expected such a huge success. Earlier, Ajay Devgan’s Drishyam 2 achieved bumper success at the box office by earning around Rs 250 crores. If the experts of the film world are to be believed, then after facing many flops in the last year, now Bollywood stars have made new plans for the bumper success of the films, under which they are ready to do anything for the hit.

Getting support from fan group

The stars of South Cinema have always been supporting their fan groups. At the same time, their fan groups also do tremendous campaigning before the release of the films of their favorite stars. They not only take charge of promotion on social media before the release of their favorite star’s films, but also organize special shows for the first day. They try to take as many people with them as possible to watch the film and also do something in theaters so that their star gets maximum publicity. At the same time, South stars also fully support their fans. He not only arranges tickets for his favorite fans, but also celebrates the success party of the film with them. Not only this, he always tries to stay connected with his fan group. He comes with his fans not only on the release of the film but also on other occasions. Recently, during the release of Pathan, Shahrukh also got tremendous support from his fan group like South Stars. King Khan’s fans organized shows of his film Pathan across the country. At the same time, promoted fiercely on social media. In return, King Khan also celebrated the success party of the film with his fans. At the same time, experts also say that SRK had also provided free tickets for the film to his fans. It is reported that Ajay Devgan is also activating his fan group like Shahrukh before the release of Bhola.

sale of cinema tickets

Before Corona, superstars did not need much promotion of their films, because many people used to go to watch films in their name only. But nowadays big stars are not refraining from reducing the prices of their films for the sake of running the films. For example, Ajay Devgan had taken out a cheap ticket offer for his film Drishyam 2, which came out last year. At the same time, King Khan sold the tickets of his film Pathan at very expensive prices in the beginning. But three weeks later, when Shahrukh’s Shahzada opposite Karthik Aryan was released, tickets for Shahrukh’s film were sold for just Rs 100 and in later days, two tickets for Rs 100 were also sold. Experts of the film industry say that till some time ago no one could have imagined that a superstar like Shahrukh would sell the tickets of his film. But with time even the big stars have changed themselves a lot. In the era of continuous flops of Bollywood films, he is not hesitating even to sell cheap tickets. It is not a matter of long time when it was very difficult for their fans to see big film stars. He used to register his presence on social media only when one of his films was about to release. But nowadays film stars have increased their presence on social media. For example, Shah Rukh Khan did not do any interview with the media before and after the release of Pathan, but he continued to interact with his fans on Twitter.

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Not avoiding cameos of other stars

On the other hand, Ajay Devgan had started the process of social media promotion for ‘Drishyam 2’ long ago. And this time also for ‘Bhola’, he is seen very active on social media. If experts are to be believed, instead of media interviews, film stars are trying their best to avoid controversies by interacting directly with fans. Of course, before Corona, Shahrukh had to fall prey to controversies due to his statements in the media. But this time he refrained from raising controversies by keeping silence on them. It is said about most of the big stars of the industry that they cannot tolerate the sight of any other star in their film. But after Corona, this thinking of the industrialists has also completely changed. Yes, now all the big stars from Shah Rukh to Aamir, Salman and Ajay Devgan are not refraining from keeping cameos of other stars in their films. Shah Rukh Khan had a cameo in Aamir Khan’s Lal Singh Chadha last year, while Salman Khan had an extended cameo in Shah Rukh’s Pathan this year. Shahrukh has a cameo in Salman’s Tiger 3. There is a buzz that Tamil superstar Thalapathy Vijay will have a cameo in Shahrukh’s Jawan. Apart from this, he also approached Telugu superstar Allu Arjun for a cameo in Jawan. At the same time, there are reports of two surprise cameos in Ajay Devgan’s Bhola, which will release next week. Experts of the film world say that now big stars are not averse to taking support of other stars for the sake of running their films.

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