From the controversy of ‘Pathan’ to its release, Shahrukh Khan spoke everything even without speaking

Pathan Press Conference: After the release of Pathan, Shah Rukh Khan appeared in public for the first time. He answered the questions of the media during the press conference and kept his point about the film. There were many controversies before the release of Pathan, which is well known. After the controversy, the star cast of the film had distanced itself from the media, but now Shah Rukh Khan has answered all these questions in the press conference.

I was worried about the release: Shah Rukh Khan

During the press conference, Shah Rukh said, “I talked to people in power and ensured that the film releases peacefully everywhere. That was my concern. Films are not a big deal, they are entertainment… everything is easy.” It should have happened… it happened. It’s a pleasure.”

Shahrukh Khan said, “We used to talk among ourselves about the controversies regarding the film, but the three of us never talked to the media. We shot the film during the Corona epidemic and worked hard. The success of the film created controversy I am fortunate that billions of people of the country love me.”

‘My films should be released with love’

In the first press conference after the release of Pathan, Shah Rukh Khan said, “It is an experience that needs to be looked into now. Perhaps we will be more grateful to the almighty. Many times we had to call people to make the film easier.” And they did. I want my films to be released with love. I am sure some of my friends must have got very excited while watching the film and broke a chair or two. But the intention is They should just feel happy watching the film. It should be an experience, more than an empty packet of popcorn.”

We didn’t want to hurt anyone’s sentiments: Shah Rukh Khan

While going to the press conference, Shah Rukh Khan said, “I would like to say that whoever makes a film, irrespective of the language in which it is made, everyone’s aim is to make people happy with our characters. Our aim is never to hurt anyone’s sentiments. . We are Amar (Deepika) Akbar (Shah Rukh) Anthony (John). We make films for people from all walks of life, communities, religions, to spread love and happiness, that’s what ‘Pathan’ means.”

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