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From wearing a mask to getting caught in a pornography case, Raj Kundra answers every question

Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty’s husband and businessman Raj Kundra has been embroiled in controversies for the past few months. Ever since his name came up in the pornography case, he has been in the news. Wherever there are spots, hide your face. He does not answer any questions of the paparazzi, but now on Twitter, he has answered all the questions of the people. Along with this, funny reactions have also been given on questions related to making face masks and porn films.

Actually, Raj Kundra made a tweet on Twitter on the morning of November 1. Wrote that he will do a 30-minute #AskRaj session from 12 noon. In this, he will openly answer the questions asked by everyone. Not only this, he also gave a chance to the troll that he can ask anything with impunity. What was after that, everyone waited for 12 o’clock. As soon as that moment came, people showered with questions.

Raj Kundra said on the business of porn films
A user asked- Do you also do business in porn movies? Raj Kundra wrote while retweeting – never did and never will. Then one asked- Are you and Shilpa together or just a show off? Raj Kundra wrote in response – Haha, I liked this question. Love is not an act and it cannot be pretended. Our 13th marriage anniversary is on 22nd November. Don’t forget to congratulate us.

Raj Kundra said on the question related to the mask
One user even questioned about his mask. Said- You show us your collection of masks. On this Raj Kundra wrote – The collection of masks for my cupboard has increased a lot. Even when I put them properly they come out. Then another asked- Raj Kundra when will you remove your mask not for the trolls but for the fans? On this he says – I do not wear a mask for my friends and fans. I wear for the media. They will now get the same amount of content from me.

That’s why Raj Kundra wears a mask
A user tweeted about more masks. Said- I feel like you don’t need a mask. I love you and Shilpa ma’am together and your whole family spread happiness. Raj Kundra writes on this – I do not wear a mask for the public. I just don’t want to give a chance to the media to show my face. I am saddened by the media trial. I have suffered a lot because of them. Media is not above the law.

How Raj Kundra got trapped in pornography case, told on Twitter
A user also asked Raj Kundra about his arrest – brother how did you get arrested? Meaning, did someone trap you, was someone demanding ransom from you or was it something similar to what happened with Shahrukh Khan’s son Aryan? If you are an honest person then tell us who was involved that you stuck in it till the end. In response, Raj Kundra said – it will come out soon. Corruption, rivalry, conspiracy are many things. One thing I want to tell my fans that I have never participated in pornography nor created anything like this in my life.

Raj Kundra’s arrest and bail
Let us inform that Raj Kundra’s name had surfaced in the pornography case on 21 September 2021. He also had to stay in jail for several days. However, he has always claimed that he is innocent. He says that the law will do justice in this matter and soon the truth will come in front of everyone.



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