Gambia: 70 children die of contaminated cough syrup, MPs demand compensation

Banjul. Gambian lawmakers on Wednesday appealed for compensation for the families of 70 children who officials fear died after drinking a contaminated cough syrup imported from India. The special legislative session was held weeks after the World Health Organization feared 66 deaths from kidney damage.

The Gambian authorities launched a campaign to contact every household to seize a single remaining bottle of syrup. This figure is increasing with four more deaths. Wednesday’s meeting was also attended by members of the bereaved family, including Mariama Sisavo, who said their five-month-old daughter Isatou had died in late August after taking cough syrup.

WHO bans import of identified drugs

The assembly’s minority leader Alhagi S Darbo said the government’s investigation should also include suspected importers of contaminated drugs and pharmacies at fault. Health Minister Dr. Ahmadou Lamin Samteh told the MPs that WHO The importer associated with the drugs marked by IS has already been suspended.

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He said more than 42,000 cough syrup bottles have been collected out of 50,000, which were initially imported by the company concerned.

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