‘Garam-Dharam’ When not only the villain but the leopard also got heavy, started doing 2-2 hands, Dharmendra got trapped in such a way that…

Mumbai: The one who has strength in his arms is called Dharam Paji. If a really strong actor was seen on the screen, it was Dharmendra only. Seeing the fight scenes of Dharam Paji, the audience used to enjoy the real fight. Such an actor has also done 2-2 hands with animals in many films. Seeing the courage of Dharmendra, sometimes even the director-producer used to get scared. Today, in the Dharmendra-Rekha starrer film ‘Kartavya’, narrates the story of the actor’s bravery.

Dharmendra was not afraid to play with dangers. The film ‘Aankhen’, directed by Ramanand Sagar, was released in 1968. Dharmendra had a tremendous fight scene with the tiger in this film. Apart from this, Dharmendra did fight scenes with leopards and lions in the film Maa in the year 1976, but remembering the scene of the film ‘Kartavya’ in the year 1979, the people present on the sets still shudder.

Tiger and Dharmendra in a scene from the movie ‘Maa’. (Photo courtesy: aapkadharam/Instagram)

Dharmendra rarely liked to shoot with duplicate
Bollywood’s evergreen hero Dharmendra is not called He-Man for no reason, he used to do dangerous action scenes in many films himself. It is said that Dharmendra did not like to resort to duplicate. In today’s era, the shooting of films has become easy to a great extent with the help of graphics, but in those days even the technique was not so advanced. Many times the actor-director used to sweat while filming a true scene, but his Dharam Paji did not back down.

Dharmendra was in the role of forest officer
Dharmendra was in the role of a forest officer in the film ‘Kartavya’ directed by Mohan Sehgal. One day the fight of Cheeta and Dharmendra was to be shot. Cheetah was brought for this. To avoid any untoward incident, Dharmendra was advised to film action scenes with duplicates instead. But Dharmendra himself insisted on doing the scene.

Cheetah attacked Dharmendra
According to the media report, ‘The director did not want to put the hero of the film in danger, so an attempt was made to convince him. But Dharmendra did not budge from the toss. Cheetah was brought, he was imprisoned in the cage along with the trainer. Since there is a lot of crowd on the shooting set. The cheetah was a little nervous seeing the heavy lights and cameras, was growling in panic. The crew members were ready for the shooting, as soon as the action was called and the cage was opened, the leopard directly attacked Dharmendra. Dharmendra did not see the call, but caught hold of the tiger’s neck. There was chaos on the set, but Dharmendra did not loose his grip to save his life. By the time the trainer arrived and Dharmendra released the leopard, his work was done. The whole unit was surprised to see this. It is said that director Mohan Sehgal somehow hushed up the matter by paying the fine.

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Please tell that in the film ‘Kartavya’, along with Dharmendra, there were actors like Rekha, Vinod Mehra, Nirupa Rai. This film was a Hindi remake of the 1973 Kannada film ‘Gandadha Gudi’, which was a super hit.

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