GF became the villain in these films… ‘The other woman who breaks the house’, shocking names are in the list

Mumbai: It is easy for Bollywood actresses to play the role of a villain, but very few actresses have had the audacity to flirt with a married man in films. There was a time when actresses were afraid that their career might get eclipsed by playing such characters, but even after this some actresses showed courage to play such characters. Today we are going to tell you about some such actresses and films, in which from Deepika Padukone As Villian to Sushmita Sen As Villian, Bollywood’s well-known actresses became villains by becoming hero’s girlfriends. Gone.

Dil Chahta Hai is a story of three friends, in which Saif Ali Khan plays Sameer. Sameer’s character is shown as a carefree person in the film. In such a situation, his girlfriend Priya advises him to stay away from his friends and focus on work. But, instead of improving Sameer’s character, Priya has been projected as the villain and controlling girlfriend.

Kalki Cochin Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara
Kalki Cochin appeared in the role of a woman named Natasha in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. In this, she appears in the role of a jealous, insecure girlfriend because her fiance (Abhay Deol) is not ready for commitment. To show the feelings of both in the film, the makers made Natasha a villain.

Sushmita Sen in Biwi Number One
In Biwi Number One, Sushmita Sen appears as Salman Khan’s girlfriend, while Karisma Kapoor plays his wife. In the film, Salman leaves his wife and children and starts living with his girlfriend. While in the film, Salman cheats on his wife, Sushmita’s character Rupali is portrayed as a misogynist and home breaker.

Cocktail’s Veronica
In Cocktail, Deepika Padukone convinced everyone by playing the character of Veronica. In the film, Veronica falls in love with Gautam (Saif Ali Khan). Both start living in live in relationship. But, later Gautam falls in love with Veronica’s friend, for which Gautam starts cheating on Veronica. But, very clearly, in place of Saif’s character, Deepika’s character is presented as a villain.

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