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Glimpses of Jaunsari culture seen in Dehradun, from lifestyle to costumes are also different, watch video

Report – Hina Azmi

Dehradun. The folk culture and dress of Jaunsar Bawar, a tribal region of Uttarakhand, famous for its unique culture, has persisted even in modern times. In the plains of the state, where traditional festivals have changed rapidly in this era of fashion, but Jaunsar Bawar is such a hilly region, where their dress and folk culture is still intact. Men and women are seen in their traditional clothes on all festivals. These people show their solidarity by celebrating every event collectively.

Meanwhile, on the 103rd birth anniversary of Veer Shaheed Kesari Chand, Jaunsar fair was organized at the Pavilion Ground in Dehradun, the capital of Uttarakhand. The unique colors of Jaunsari art were seen in the fair and there was a chance to know Jaunsari culture closely.

Dhwajaveer, president of Veer Shaheed Kesari Chand Yuva Samiti, said that Jaunsar Bawar in Uttarakhand has some unique culture and traditions, which make this tribal area different from other communities. He said that to connect today’s generation with our culture, we keep organizing fairs and cultural programs. Today the folk dances and folk songs of Jaunsar culture are famous throughout the country. At the same time, not only the dialect, customs, culture, food, lifestyle, costumes, but also the style of living of the people of this tribe is different. Be it Teej-festival or wedding-marriage or any other cultural event, one always gets to see a glimpse of Jaunsar culture in it.

The general secretary of the committee, Rahul Chauhan said that our old customs are still visible in any function in our area. Like Garhwali and Kumaoni culture, Jaunsari culture is also the identity of Uttarakhand.

Jaunsari culture is related to Mahabharata period
Basically, Jaunsar culture is associated with the roots derived from the Pandavas of the Mahabharata period. The people of Jaunsar tribal community reside in two major areas of Jaunsar-Bawar in Chakrata tehsil in the north-west of Dehradun. This tribe resides in areas like Lakha Mandal, Bairajgarh and Hanol, situated between the Yamuna and Tons rivers. The people of Jaunsar community consider themselves to be descendants of Pandavas, who are called ‘Pashi’ and the people of Bawar are called ‘Shathi’, the descendants of Duryodhana. The folk dance of Jaunsar region is ‘Barda Nati’ and ‘Harul’. At the same time, the main fair here is ‘Megh Mela’.

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