Govinda’s superhit film was released 28 years ago today, the actor came out of the mouth of death in the shooting, was born again

Mumbai. Govinda’s film Khuddar was released 28 years ago on this day i.e. March 25. One of the most brilliant films of Govinda’s career, the film ‘Khuddar’ is one of the important films in his life. The film Khuddar was a super hit at the box office. Made with just Rs 1.95 crore, the film was successful in earning Rs 8.44 crore at the box office.

This film, which came at the peak of Govinda’s career, could have proved to be Govinda’s last film. Govinda came back from the mouth of death during the shooting of this film. Actually, Govinda had a terrible car accident during the shooting of this film. In which Govinda was seriously injured. Govinda had serious injuries on his head. However, by the grace of God and the blessings of the fans, Govinda survived safely and completed his scene by reaching the set late at night.

Dialogues were also superhit

Govinda’s dialogues remained superhit only after the release of this film. In the year 1994, 4 films of Govinda were released. Of which Khuddar film was the most successful. The lyrics of the film’s hit song ‘Baby Baby Baby’ were changed. In fact, when the film went to pass the censor board, the lyrics of the song Sexy Sexy Sexy were changed to Baby Baby Baby. There was a lot of controversy about this song even in that period. There was a lot of discussion about this film.

The scene was returned after the accident

Even after Govinda’s accident, he was appreciated a lot. Actually, after Govinda’s accident, he was advised to rest. But Govinda ignored this advice and returned to the set to complete his scene. Govinda was praised a lot for this too. Please tell that Govinda has worked in more than 100 films in his career. Many of these films have been superhit. Today the release of Govinda’s Khuddar film has completed 28 years. Govinda’s career is also on the decline now. For the past several years, Govinda has been continuously appearing in films.

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