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Grand Deepotsav in Ayodhya: PM Modi said – the inspiration of ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas’, the values ​​​​made from the thoughts of Lord Ram


Prime Minister Narendra Modi attended the grand Deepotsav program of Ayodhya
PM Modi termed the ideals of Shri Ram as a lighthouse for the fulfillment of the aspirations of a developed India.
He said that the values ​​which have been inculcated by Lord Ram are the inspiration of ‘Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas’.

Ayodhya. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has described the ideals of Shri Ram as a beacon for the fulfillment of the aspiration of a developed India. He said on Sunday that in the nectar of independence, a will power like Lord Ram will take the country to new heights. In his address on the occasion of the grand Deepotsav program in Ayodhya, the Prime Minister said that the values ​​​​instilled by Lord Ram in his words, his thoughts and in his rule are the inspiration of ‘Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas’ and ‘Sabka Vishwas, Sabka Prayas’. basis of .

PM Modi said, ‘This time Diwali has come at a time when we have completed 75 years of independence sometime back. We are celebrating the nectar festival of freedom. In this nectar period, the resolve power like Lord Ram will take the country to new heights. Modi said, ‘Shri Ram’s ideals are like a beacon, which will give us the courage to achieve the most difficult goals, for the Indians who are marching ahead for the aspiration of a developed India in the next 25 years.’

Reiterating the call of the countrymen to assimilate the five pranas, the Prime Minister said, ‘The one element to which the energy of these five pranas is associated. That is the duty of the citizens of India. Today, on this auspicious occasion of Deepotsav in the city of Ayodhya, we have to repeat our resolve. Learn as much as you can from Shri Ram.

Ram teaches us to respect dignity: PM Modi
He said that Lord Rama is called Maryada Purushottam. Maryada also teaches to have respect and also teaches to give respect. The realization of which the limit is insisted is the duty of understanding. Ram is the living embodiment of the true Dharma i.e. duty. Whenever Lord Ram remained in the role, he emphasized on duties the most. When he was a prince, he performed the duty of protecting the sages and their ashrams and gurukuls. At the time of coronation, Shri Ram performed the duty of an obedient son.’

He said- ‘God, giving priority to the words of the father and family, accepted the renunciation of the state and going to the forest as his duty. Ram does not turn his face from duty, so Ram is a symbol of that spirit of India which believes that our rights are proved by our duties, so we need to be devoted to the duties.

Picture of Lord Ram, Sita and Lakshmana on the original copy of our Constitution: Modi
The Prime Minister said, ‘Look at the coincidence. On the original copy of our constitution, the picture of Lord Rama, Mother Sita and Lakshmana is inscribed. That page of the constitution also talks about fundamental rights. That is, another guarantee of our constitutional rights. As well as the eternal cultural realization of duties in the form of Lord Ram. Therefore, the more we strengthen the resolve of duties, the more the concept of a state like Ram will be realized.

The whole world is seeing Ram through Ayodhya’s Ramlilas
He said, ‘Today through Ramlilas of Ayodhya, through Saryu Aarti, through Deepotsav and through research and research on Ramayana, this philosophy is being spread all over the world. I am happy that the people of Ayodhya are becoming a part of this flow to the people of entire Uttar Pradesh and the country. Giving speed to the stream of public welfare in the country. On this occasion, I extend my warm greetings to the countrymen and also to the devotees of Ram spread across the world.

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