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Had he known about these things, dad would never have sent me alone for tuitions: Priyanka Chopra

Virtul Awasthi
When the heroine of reel life went from village to village in real life and started knowing the condition of women, girls and children in a leisurely manner, people did not consider her less than a hero. Priyanka Chopra, who came to India in the past, used to teach children in primary school, women’s health in Anganwadi centers and women of rescue centers were seen getting emotional after hearing their past, then everyone started praising her message of goodwill. He saw many negative things in and around Lucknow and many more positive ones. Despite all this, what he observed, his achievement was seen as full of progress. Priyanka, who recently visited Africa, herself admitted that if other countries could make progress in digitization like India, then many of their problems would have ended.

Gender discrimination needs to end
I have come to Lucknow after almost 30 years. Here I met many mothers and girls. Got a chance to hear many positive and negative stories through him. The only thing I am taking back from everything is that if we work together as a society, then only happiness and prosperity come. We have to take it forward. This thing will have to be inculcated in the mind of every person from village to city that if women will grow, remain healthy, will be aware, will be educated then surely India will also progress rapidly. There is no need for any kind of discrimination between women and men in today’s time. What men can do, women can do it too. You have to change your thinking and others will also have to change. This is possible only with the collective effort of all of us.

India’s digital progress was very fast
I think it is very important for men to be positive towards the women and girls of the house. The pace at which I have seen progress in India, especially in digitalisation, is commendable. Now everyone has a cell phone and education is also possible with that cell phone. You can see this even in small villages. I am watching it myself. I have not seen such progress in any other country till date.

… otherwise the cycle of poverty will remain the same
I also met girls who are not sent to school. A girl was expelled from school at the age of 6 because her brother was of school age. I think this mindset of people will change only with awareness. If the girl goes to school, she will support you financially in future. Otherwise, the cycle of poverty will remain as it was. Why don’t people understand these things? This is what we have been seeing till date, but now everything is in front. To break that cycle, we ourselves have to send our children to school, so that India, which is a developing country today, can become a developed country in the future. Our progress is possible only through our children. And this progress will come only through schooling. Men need to understand this the most, so that they know how to respect girls. It can be started from home only.

Priyanka Chopra: Priyanka started playing on the ground with daughter Malti on her chest, Nick Jonas was seen admiring the wife and daughter
The mentality of someone else’s money will have to change
I went to a basic school in Aurangabad. The students there were learning organic farming. A boy told that I taught organic farming to my mother and now we grow many vegetables like brinjal, okra at home. We don’t even go to the shops and use vegetables from our own organic farming. We learned all this in school. From this you understand how important school is. The more we send our children to school, the more we teach them, the more we will develop the family and the country with them. This mindset that why a girl child is taught is another’s wealth? We can change this mindset only through education. By the way, age is not a parameter for schooling. Whether the schooling starts in 4 years or in 14 years, it is necessary to study only because it can lead to progress.

…then my parents never even send me tuition
I went to the one stop centre, where there are women suffering from many things including domestic violence, molestation. There they get legal, medical, mental and health counseling. They are told about their rights. I met a girl who was trafficked at the age of 9. Now he was rescued at the age of 17. I can’t even tell how it was used. The rescue center had gone and rescued him. In this, only women go and do the rescue. These women who are survivors have made the center so strong that they go to 2 o’clock in the night and save the girls. They are so inspiring that I cried just after hearing it. I have never been so strong because I have never seen or heard of such situations. There are so many girls who go through these situations. I was amazed to see his bravery. I also grew up in UP. I have gone to school in Lucknow. There is a lot of difference between that UP and today’s UP. If my family members had known about all these things, maybe dad would never have sent me to tuition alone.

Very nice to see the progress of Uttar Pradesh

I went to the Anganwadi centers to see how well the Nutrition Tracker initiative of the Government of India is being utilised. I have just come from Africa. If there was a similar nutrition tracker app out there, it would have helped a lot for the children there. Due to this, the women working at Anganwadi centers also got a lot of convenience. Earlier they had to note things in the sub register manually but now everything has become digital. Saw a Mantra tracker app, which is designed for expectant mothers and their babies. Through this, doctors keep an eye on malnourished mothers and children. Anyway, there is so much population in UP, in such a situation, digitalization has made everyone’s work easy. It is impossible to handle things manually here. I saw the newborn care units here, which till now were only in private hospitals. I am very happy to see all this progress.

I have never seen a scheme like Sakhi in any country.

UNICEF’s Goodwill Ambassador Priyanka Chopra says that I found the Banking Correspondence ATM very right here. Actually, these are women, who are called Sakhi. They have ATM machines. Anyway, in today’s time it is necessary for everyone to have a bank account, but ATMs are not everywhere. These sakhis carry machines. They also get money in every transaction. They contribute in their homes. These are the women, who never earned anything, they could not contribute financially in the house, today they are walking with their heads raised. They contribute in their homes. This thing which I have seen in India, I have not seen in any other country.

The women working at the Anganwadi center are very hardworking

I was stunned to see the women of the Anganwadi center. They work really hard. They go from house to house. Along with women and children, she explains nutrition to the whole family through charts. Explains the option of expensive pulses and food. For example, when a woman told about pulses being expensive, she told the option of eating cowpea. She tells them about the different things that they can afford. With this, they will continue to get nutrition equivalent to expensive pulses.



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