Had to leave studies due to circumstances, sold peanuts at the bus stand, the story of Jackie Shroff becoming a hero will make you emotional

Mumbai. Some people came to the film world to become actors. On the other hand, there are some such artists, whom luck brought into the world of entertainment. After that, they became so famous that people became proud of them. One such artist is celebrating his 66th birthday today. We are talking about ‘Jaggu Dada’ i.e. Jackie Shroff. Born on February 1, 1957, Jackie brought his luck to the film world. Come, let’s talk about some aspects of his career.

Jaikishan Kakubhai Shroff was born in Mumbai to Kakubhai Haribhai Shroff, a resident of Gujarat. Jackie got this name in his childhood and he was known by this name till school. Since his name was long, a friend of his school started calling him ‘Jackie’. After this, when Subhash Ghai gave him a break, he also introduced Jaikishan from ‘Jackie’. In this way Jaikishan became ‘Jackie’ forever. Since Jackie is a cool person, he is also known as ‘Jackie Dada’ or ‘Jaggu Dada’.

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Was shocked by brother’s death
The financial condition of Jackie’s family was not so good in the initial period. When Jackie was 10 years old, his elder brother died due to drowning in the sea in front of him. This was a big shock for the whole family and their condition worsened further. In such a situation, Jackie had to leave studies after 11th. The situation was so bad that Jackie pasted posters of films and sold peanuts to earn money. After this, after many efforts, he got a job as a travel agent.

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Jackie with wife Ayesha. (pc: instagram@apnabhidu)

Luck imposed tika on the bus stand
While working as a travel agent, once Jackie was standing at the bus stand. Only then a person associated with an advertising agency asked him, ‘Will you do modelling?’ The next day Jackie went to the given address and did a photoshoot for the suit shirt advertisement. Just, after this his photo reached Subhash Ghai and he got a role in the film ‘Hero’.

Jackie married Ayesha Shroff in the year 1987. They have two children Krishna and Tiger Shroff.

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