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Horoscope of September 28, 2022: Cancer people may have a dispute, auspicious day for Leo and Virgo

You will experience lethargy and fear today. There will be despair in the mind. There may be any pain or discomfort in the chest. There may be discussions and disputes with family and close relatives. Will not sleep. Take care not to hurt your self-respect in public. Might cost more. Do not go too close to the places with water.

Today your body and mind will be happy. Time with brothers and sisters will be more intimate. You can go out for a walk with friends and relatives. You will be able to spend time happily with your loved one. Luck will favor more. It is a good day to start new work. Your interest in music and art will increase.

Today there will be peace in the house. You will be loved by all because of sweet speech and popular behavior. There may be economic benefits. Sweets and delicious food will be available. Time is good for students. There is a possibility of spending in fun. Do not do any kind of work against the rules today.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : September 28, 2022, 05:10 IST



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