‘I had no ill intention…’ Salman’s father Salim breaks silence on second marriage with Helen

Salim Khan on Helen: Bollywood industry veteran screenwriter Salim Khan’s love story with actress Helen is no less than a film. Despite being married, Salim fell in love with Helen and then married her in the year 1981. Now after years, Salim Khan has broken the silence on his relationship with Helen. He says that it was an emotional accident, which can happen to anyone.

Salim Khan became the guest of son Arbaaz’s show

Actually, Arbaaz Khan is coming up with a new chat show called ‘The Invincibles’. The first guest in this show is none other than his father Salim Khan. The teaser of the first episode of the show has surfaced, in which Arbaaz is seen talking to father Salim about personal and professional life.

it was an emotional accident

It can be seen in the teaser that Arbaaz asks father Salim about his relationship with Helen, to which he replies, ‘She was young, I was also young. I didn’t have any intention. It was an emotional accident. Can happen with anyone. Apart from this, Arbaaz asks Salim Khan about his love story with Salma Khan, then he says, ‘We used to meet secretly here and there. I told him that I want to meet your parents’.

Remembered the first meeting with the parents of wife Salma

After this, Salim Khan told about the first meeting with Salma Khan’s parents. About this he says, ‘When I went, everyone went to see me. As if some new animal has come in the zoo, let’s go to see it. Apart from this, Salim Khan also talked about separation from Javed Akhtar. He told that he was very hurt due to separation from Javed, but he also accepted that they were not close friends.

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