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If the child is left behind in studies, then make changes in the study room according to Vastu


Due to Vastu defect in the study room, the child’s mind wanders from studies.
Study table is best facing east or north direction.
According to Vastu, organize the study room, the child will feel like studying.

Vastu Tips For Study Room: Direction has special importance in Vastu. Due to wrong direction, negativity increases in the house and it causes Vastu Dosh. It is the complaint of every parent that his child does not feel like studying and the child runs away from studies by making excuses. However, every child’s intellectual capacity is different. Some children are normal in studies, while some children pass with top marks. But, even after working hard, if your child is constantly lagging behind in studies or he does not feel like studying, then it is a big problem. This could put his future in danger.

Vastu defect can also be the reason for the child’s lack of interest in studies, because having Vastu defect in the house increases negativity and in such a situation, the child’s mind cannot concentrate for studies. For this it is necessary that you make changes in the study room of the child. In Vastu, it has been told about the study room of the child that what things should be kept here and in which direction, so that the child’s mind will be engaged in studies. Delhi’s Acharya Gurmeet Singh Know about the direction and change of the child’s study room.

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In which direction the study table should be
East and North direction are considered good in Vastu for studies, so you should keep in mind that the study table should face east or north direction. Also, do not keep too many books on the child’s study table, as the child can feel the burden of studying by looking at a lot of books. You can make a wardrobe or a shelf for books by removing it from the study table. Also, keep in mind that the children’s reading room should be in the North-East or East.

Make these changes in the child’s study room according to Vastu

  • Place a picture of Goddess Saraswati on the study table towards the east.
  • A crystal globe can also be placed on the study table.
  • Shoes and slippers should not be kept in the study room.
  • By lighting a candle in the eastern, north or southern part of the study room, the child’s mind is engaged in studies and his intellectual ability increases.
  • Do not place a mirror or mirror in front of the study table. This distracts the child’s attention from studies.

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Why it is necessary to change the study room of the child
Children like new things. He gets bored with old things after a while. This is the reason why children gradually start playing less with their old toys. As soon as a new toy comes to him, he starts playing with it with great interest. This is the reason that from time to time children should get new things, in which their mind is engaged in playing. Similarly, some changes should also be made regarding the education of the child. By making changes in the study room of the child, his mind starts re-engaging in studies.

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According to Vastu, arranging a child’s study room increases mental concentration and the child feels inclined towards studies. With this, the child achieves success by achieving his goal.

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