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If you are troubled by diabetes then start eating makhana, include it in the diet plan to keep sugar level control


Diabetes patients must include Makhana in their diet.
The fibers present in Makhana reduce the absorption of carbs.
Makhana is very tasty to eat, so that you can make chaat or kheer.

Benefits of Makhana In Diabetes : Most of the people like the taste of Makhana, it is a great Ayurvedic medicine and nutritious diet. Makhana is very beneficial and beneficial for health, which is consumed in many tasty ways. Makhana is considered very pure in India, as it is consumed by most of the people for making prasad during fasts or festivals.

Makhana is also known as Lotus Seeds and Fox Nuts, nowadays most of the people are including Makhana in the diet due to weight loss diet. Protein and fiber are present in abundance in Makhana and it is also helpful in boosting the good cholesterol (HDL) level in the body. Makhana has antioxidant properties that promote healthy skin and hair growth. Today we will tell you the benefits of Makhana in diabetes, let’s know –

Benefits of eating makhana in diabetes:
According to SugarFit.com, Makhana is a low IG food, the starch present in it is digested in the body and absorbed slowly, due to which the blood sugar level of the body remains controlled and stable.

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Makhana is considered to be an excellent source of fiber, fiber rich foods are helpful in regulating blood sugar level and reduce the amount of carbohydrates.

Antioxidants present in makhana protect the cells in the body from damage caused by free radicals, and maintain insulin level. Makhana also has anti-aging properties which also helps in keeping the skin healthy.

Magnesium is found in Makhana, which is helpful in improving blood flow by supplying oxygen. Makhana can prove to be excellent for heart health.

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Diabetes patients how to consume Makhana:
Food can be eaten by dry roasting. To increase the taste a little more, you can roast it in homemade ghee or olive oil.

Makhana can make any dal or curry more nutritious and tasty.
If you are doing a proper diet plan, then after dry roasting the makhana, you can grind it finely and mix it with jowar or millet flour and consume it.

Makhana is also very much liked in the form of kheer, chaat and raita.

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