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In the Sidhu Musewala murder case, Afsana Khan was interrogated for 5 hours, whom the singer believed to be sister

Punjabi playback singer Afsana Khan has been questioned for hours in the music lover’s favorite Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala murder case, who considered the singer like her brother. The National Investigation Agency (NIA) had summoned Afsana Khan in the gangster-terrorist syndicate case, after which the NIA interrogated her for about 5 hours.

Afsana has been questioned for hours
In its report, Aaj Tak has quoted sources as saying that the NIA team has investigated Afsana Khan for a long time regarding the connection with the gangster involved in the Sidhu Moose Wala case, in which many different types of questions were asked to him. In fact, the NIA suspects that Afsana Khan, who had a sister’s relation with Moosewala, may also have a hand in the murder case. It is being said that in Sidhu Musewala’s case, Afsana’s name came in the NIA’s Suspended List when recently the NIA had raided the gangster in the second round. The NIA suspects that there is a connection between Afsana and the Bambiha gang.

two raids

Actually, both Bambiha gang and Lawrence Bishnoi gang are rivals of each other. After Sidhu’s death, the Bishnoi gang is accused of his murder. It is also said that the Bishnoi gang suspected Moosewala to be close to the Bambiha gang and the NIA conducted two raids to expose the gangster network.

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The family had complained to the police about Afsana

After the Sidhu murder case, a notice was given by Mansa police to interrogate Afsana Khan, but then she escaped citing being out somewhere. The reason behind sending the notice to Afsana was that Moosewala’s family had said in a police complaint that the singer’s song had been leaked. At that time Sidhu’s family had expressed doubts on some singers and had also expressed doubts on some music industry related company.

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Sidhu was shot dead on May 29
Please tell that 28-year-old Sidhu Musewala was shot dead on May 29 this year. The killers sieved them by firing about 30 rounds from other weapons including AK-47, AK-94. Gangster Goldie Brar, an aide of gang leader Lawrence Bishnoi, took responsibility for Sidhu’s murder.



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