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In the third weekend at the box office, Cinema Day saved the shame of Brahmastra, now Navratri is supported

Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt’s ‘Brahmastra: Part 1-Shiva’ has collected Rs 23.12 crores at the domestic box office in its third weekend. National Cinema Day has proved to be a sanjeevani booti for this film. The film did a record business of Rs 10.79 crore on National Cinema Day on Friday. It was three times more than the film’s weekday collection in the second week. While it has earned 6.03 crores on Saturday and 6.30 crores on Sunday. This third weekend earnings for this film, directed by Ayan Mukerji, is encouraging. Although there was a decline in the film’s earnings on Saturday, it took care of itself on Sunday. In this way, the total earning of ‘Brahmastra’ in all the five languages ​​in the country in 17 days has now become Rs 251.12 crore.

‘Brahmastra’ was released on 9 September in Hindi as well as Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada languages ​​across the country. The film had a bumper opening of Rs 122.58 crore in the first weekend. In the second weekend, the film grossed Rs 42.33 crore, surprising everyone. Whereas now in the third weekend, the earnings have been Rs 23.12 crore in three days. The thing to note here is that before the third weekend, the film’s earnings were more or less around Rs 3 crore every day. But National Cinema Day breathed life into ‘Brahmastra’. Earnings jumped straight to Rs 10.79 crore on Friday. Whereas Saturday and Sunday also earned almost twice as compared to weekdays.

Weekend Box Office Collection of ‘Brahmastra’ (in all languages)-
First Weekend – Rs 122.58 crore
Second weekend – Rs 42.33 crore
Third weekend – Rs 23.12 crore

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Total earning in Hindi in 17 days is Rs 224.68 crore
This scientific fiction film based on mythological tales has done a business of Rs 6.22 crore in Hindi on Sunday. In this way, the film has earned Rs 224.68 crore in Hindi version in 17 days. The film has earned Rs 22.24 crore in the third weekend only from the Hindi version. The pace at which the film’s earnings are increasing, there is no doubt that the film will earn a lifetime gross of more than Rs 240 crore in the Hindi version. However, ‘Vikram Vedha’ and ‘Ponniyan Selvan 1’ are also releasing on Friday 30 September. In such a situation, the earnings of ‘Brahmastra’ will definitely suffer further.

Box Office Collection of ‘Brahmastra’ (in all five languages)

first day Friday Rs 36.42 crore
second day Saturday Rs 41.36 crore
day 3 sunday Rs 44.8 crore
fourth day monday Rs 15.5 crore
5th day Tuesday Rs 12.50 crore
6th day Wednesday Rs 10.53 crore
7th day Thursday 9.00 crores
8th day Friday Rs 10.53 crore
9th day Saturday Rs 15.50 crore
10th day sunday Rs 16.30 crore
11th day monday 04.77 crores
12th day Tuesday 04.00 crores
13th day Wednesday Rs 03.57 crore
14th day Thursday 03.17 crores
15th day Friday Rs 10.79 crore
16th day Saturday 6.03 crores
17th day sunday 6.30 crores
total earnings in all five languages Rs 251.12 crore

Watch ‘Brahmastra’ for Rs 100 in Navratri
The makers of ‘Brahmastra’ are well aware that they have time till Thursday to earn money freely. This is the reason that seeing the effect of cheap tickets on National Cinema Day, he has now taken an offer in Navratri as well. Under this, the ticket price in cinema halls from 26 September to 29 September has been kept at only Rs 100. It is expected that this will affect the film’s earnings. Especially the way more than 15 lakh viewers had come to watch ‘Brahmastra’ only on National Cinema Day, it has given a new lesson to the industry and theater owners.

Good News! Now watch Brahmastra for 100 rupees in Navratri, silent and deceived, tickets for Vikram Vedha are also cheap
Total earnings of ‘Brahmastra’ in Hindi language so far (till September 24)

first day Friday 32 crores
second day Saturday 38 crores
day 3 sunday Rs 41.5 crore
fourth day monday Rs 14 crore
5th day tuesday Rs 11.25 crore
6th day Wednesday Rs 9.50 crore
7th day Thursday Rs 8.50 crore
8th day Friday Rs 9.75 crore
9th day Saturday Rs 14.00 crore
10th day sunday Rs 15.50 crore
11th day monday 04.50 crores
12th day Tuesday 03.50 crores
13th day Wednesday 03.40 crores
14th day Thursday 03.18 crores
15th day Friday Rs 10.07 crore
16th day Saturday Rs 5.95 crore
17th day sunday 6.22 crores
gross in hindi language Rs 224.68 crore

Will earn, but here is the issue of ‘Brahmastra’
Apart from Ranbir and Alia, ‘Brahmastra’ also stars Amitabh Bachchan, Mouni Roy, Nagarjuna and Shah Rukh Khan in cameo roles. The budget of the film is Rs 410 crore and this is also its biggest problem. However, Ranbir Kapoor has clarified that this budget has increased due to the VFX of the film and this VFX will be used in all the three parts of ‘Brahmastra’. But the problem at the moment is that even though it has become the highest grossing Bollywood film of the year 2022, it has not got the hit tag yet. ‘Brahmastra’ will have to earn at least Rs 450 crore to take the tag of a hit, which seems impossible at the moment.



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