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In the viral video, the beer lover is summoned for the intoxication of the monkey, snatches and drinks alcohol

People are very fond of watching videos of animals on social media. Most wildlife-related videos are shared and made viral on the Internet. In these, videos of monkeys are usually very funny. In which his funny antics and mischief make the netizens laugh a lot. But recently a video of a monkey who is a number one drunk is going viral. We are not saying this, but the video itself is giving proof of this.

Wildlife viral series: A video of such a monkey is becoming viral on Twitter’s @aditytiwarilive which is number one drunk. Breaks into liquor stores and snatches beer bottles and cans. And when he does not get liquor, he makes a lot of ruckus. People are very fond of the video of such drunk monkey.

Got addicted to monkey
In the viral video, a monkey was seen drinking Gatgut with a beer bottle in his hand. When the monkey was chugging the last drop of beer. At the same time, the people present there captured this funny sight in their camera. The video is being told of Rae Bareli district of Uttar Pradesh. Where the terror of a monkey has spread. People say that that monkey has become so addicted to drugs that it has become a problem for those running liquor contracts. When you see it, you get scared. Swoops on beer bottles. And along with causing sabotage on stopping, he also misbehaves with the customers.

Monkey snatches bottles from people to remove beer cravings
The intoxication on the monkey has become such that he snatches it from the people present on the contract and starts eradicating his craving for alcohol. The video is becoming very viral after being shared on social media. People are having a lot of fun seeing such a drunk monkey. Many videos of this drunk monkey’s not one drink love are floating on the internet. In all, he does not leave the bottle or can with his hand till the last sip of the intoxicant.

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