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Industry used to consider Manisha Koirala as ‘wretched’! Vidhu Vinod Chopra had said – Stupid actress

Manisha Koirala is not only Bollywood but also the best actress of Nepali and South film industry. Apart from Hindi, Nepali, Tamil and Telugu, he did a lot of work in English and Bengali films. Today she is celebrating her 52nd birthday. Even at this stage of age, she looks very beautiful and is perfectly fit. He saw many ups and downs in life. Belonging to a political family, Manisha wanted to become a doctor, but fate turned her into an actress. She came to Mumbai from Delhi to fulfill her dream of becoming a heroine, but here she had to see something that she had never even thought of. He came to be called ‘wretched’ for the film industry. Many of his films could not even release. Well-known producer Vidhu Vinod Chopra even called her a ‘wretched actress’. But he never gave up. He got success on the basis of his hard work and ability, but there was still sorrow in his personal life. They were shocked when they got divorced after 2 years of marriage. She was also shocked when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. But it is said that life is the name of moving forward. She faced every problem with courage and today she is living life on her own terms. Let us know about his interesting journey of 52 years.

Manisha Koirala was born in a Brahmin family in Kathmandu, Nepal. His father Prakash Koirala was a politician and mother was a homemaker. His brother Siddharth Koirala is also an actor. Many members of his family are associated with politics. His grandfather Bishweshwar Prasad Koirala was the Prime Minister of Nepal from the late 50s to the early 60s. His Great Uncle Girija Prasad Koirala and Matrika Prasad Koirala were also PM. Manisha lived at her maternal grandmother’s house in Varanasi. He worked in the 1989 Nepali film Pheri Bhetaula during the break of the 10th board exam. She wanted to try acting. To become a doctor, she moved to Delhi to study, where she did some modeling assignments. However, later she completely focused on acting and she shifted to Mumbai.

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First Bollywood movie, got the tag of wretched

manisha koirala

Manisha Koirala is a famous actress

Manisha Koirala made her Bollywood debut with Subhash Ghai’s movie ‘Saudagar’. After this she appeared in First Love Letter in 1991. Then appeared in films like ‘Anmol’, ‘Dhanvaan’. All these films were flops at the box office, after which the producers started calling them ‘wretched’ for the films.

Said ugly actress

manisha koirala

Manisha got rejections

Famous Vidhu Vinod Chopra rejected Manisha Koirala in the first screen test of ‘1942: A Love Story’ in 1994 and even called her ‘Wahiyat’ actress. But when Manisha gave her second audition, she liked the performance and cast her instead of Madhuri Dixit. This film was a hit and people liked Manisha a lot. He was also called Madhuri Dixit’s look-a-like.

8 films not released (Manisha Koirala Films)

manisha koirala

After that Manisha never looked back. He did many films. He also acted in films of different languages. However, he had 8 such films, which could not even be released. His names are ‘Jigarbaaz’, ‘Ahead of the Stars’, ‘Soutan Ki Sautan’, ‘Prince’, ‘Dus Numbri’, ‘Raja Dil Ka Ghulam’, ‘Tanman.com’, ‘Madame M’ and ‘The Search’. The films could not be released till date.

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Filmmaking and TV show host

manisha koirala

Manisha has also worked on TV

During this, Manisha also gave many hit films. It also includes ‘Dil Se…’ with Shahrukh Khan, which was discussed a lot at that time. Manisha also did a filmmaking course in the year 2004, for which she moved to New York. After returning from there, he made films and also worked in many films. Did you know that Manisha has also hosted a TV show! Yes, had hosted ‘Sawaal Das Crore Ka’ with Anupam Kher.

Affair with Nana Patekar (Manisha Koirala Nana Patekar)

manisha koirala aur nana patekar ka affair

Manisha and Nana Patekar’s affair!

It is said that Manisha was dating co-actor Nana Patekar during the filming of ‘Agni Sakshi’. The two were together for many years, but they broke up in the year 2003. It is said that both of them had a separation due to physical abuse.

marriage broken in 2 years

manisha koirala wedding

Manisha married in 2010

Manisha married Nepali businessman Samrat Dahal in the year 2010. The two met on the social networking website Facebook. However, their relationship did not last long and both got divorced in 2012.

Battle fought to death for 5 years

manisha koirala cancer

Manisha Koirala was diagnosed with cancer

In 2012, Manisha Koirala’s life changed when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She was feeling very weak and went to the hospital for health checkup, when she came to know about this serious disease. After this he underwent treatment in Mumbai. Then he got treatment in the US. He underwent chemotherapy in a New York hospital for several months. It took him 5 years to eliminate this disease. In the year 2017, she completely recovered from it. Now she is completely fine. She has become active in films again and remains connected with her fans through social media.




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