Innocent boy drinking cold drink is today’s legend of the film world, guess something familiar?

New Delhi: Viewers have always been curious to know what their favorite film stars looked like in their childhood, how was their childhood? Childhood photos of film stars go viral on social media, which gives fans a glimpse into their childhood. Now the childhood picture of Bollywood superstar is going viral, in which he can be seen drinking cold drink with great pleasure. The same famous way of seeing him is also visible in the photo. did you recognize them?

The style of the child seen in the photo is reminding of the top actors of Bollywood. When he smiles, he gets dimples on his cheeks. He is famous for his romantic style, but in films he has also been seen hitting enemies with his action. His film, released a few days ago, was in a lot of controversies, which has broken many records at the box office. Now you must have understood that we are talking about the King of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan.

Gauri and Shahrukh met for the first time at a party
Shahrukh Khan’s life is like a film story. He may be the owner of property worth Rs 6000 crore today, but when he came to Mumbai, he had to sell his camera to survive here. It is said that the love of his wife Gauri Khan had drawn him to Mumbai. When Shahrukh Khan was only 18 years old, he met Gauri Khan for the first time at a party. He then saw Gauri Khan dancing with someone else.

(Photo Credits: Instagram @gaurikhan)

Shahrukh Khan came to Mumbai in search of Gauri
Shahrukh was very positive about Gauri. He did not like that Gauri talked with another boy. According to media reports, when King Khan initially tried to propose her, Gauri refused because even her family did not like her. Gauri felt that she needed a break from the relationship, so she moved to Mumbai without informing Shahrukh Khan. Actors also came to Mumbai in search of him. He and his friends kept searching for Gauri in Mumbai, finally one day they saw her on a beach. Then the eyes of both of them were filled with tears after seeing each other.

Gauri Khan refused to marry for the second time as well
Shahrukh Khan proposed Gauri again. He again refused. A year later, the actor’s mother died, Gauri felt very bad for him and agreed to the marriage. Both of them got married on 25 October 1991, about 6 years after their first meeting. The actor made his Bollywood debut in 1992, the next year of marriage, with the film ‘Deewana’.

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