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Interview: Nityanand Rai said on Tejashwi Yadav’s challenge – He has cooled me down, soon everyone will see

Patna. Home Minister Amit Shah is going to come to Bihar on 23 September. This time Amit Shah will hold meetings and meetings in Seemanchal area of ​​Bihar. Ahead of Amit Shah’s visit, Union Minister of State for Home Nityanand Rai said that the opposition has become distraught with the popularity of PM Narendra Modi. That’s why the opposition is making all kinds of statements. The Home Minister tours the whole country, his visit is already fixed before the formation of the Grand Alliance government in Bihar.

Let us tell you, Amit Shah will hold a meeting in Purnia on 23rd on Seemanchal tour and will hold a meeting related to border security on 24th. After that, he will hold a meeting with BJP leaders. Regarding Amit Shah’s visit to Bihar, Braj Mohan Singh, editor of News18 Bihar-Jharkhand, had a special conversation with Union Minister of State for Home Nityanand Rai regarding other issues including the politics of the state. Read exclusive excerpts from the conversation…

Question: It is being said from Nitish Kumar and JDU that this tour will spread tension, what will you say?

answer: See the way people want to see Home Minister Amit Shah’s visit. BJP leaders are constantly touring across the country. The tour is proposed even before the formation of the Grand Alliance. The work of increasing the tension is done by the people of Congress and Mahagathbandhan.- BJP works on Ek Bharat Best India. We talk about unity and integrity of India. Talk about connecting not breaking. The opposition feels that the supada has been cleared, so let’s talk like this.

Question: Tejashwi Yadav has challenged you, what will you say?

answer: It has been its own culture, something has to come. Have been in corruption since childhood. Tejashwi tells me that I will cool down, I am a very cold person. Let them cool down whenever they want. They have even started cooling me down. Soon everyone will see. The field that Tejashwi is talking about belongs to my great-grandfather, it is a holy land for me.

Question: There are reports of infiltration on the border. There would have been pressure from Bangladesh too, what strategy have you made regarding this?

answer: The strategy of the Government of India is that there should be no infiltration. Infiltration is very less. We are working to ensure that there is no infiltration in the coming days.

Question: The number of illegal Bangladeshi has increased. Is the security at risk?

answer: Illegal Bangladeshi security is always at risk. But ever since PM Narendra Modi’s government and Amit Shah became the Home Minister, infiltration is negligible. Due to appeasement in the politics of the states, infiltration is encouraged. If the state government helps, there will not be a single infiltration.

Question: Bihar has been in the news a lot. Especially regarding PFI who are planning to make Ghazwa-e-Hind. In this case Seemanchal is considered as the safe zone. Where has the investigation reached?

answer: I would like to tell Nitish Babu that when the country is safe, then only the countrymen will be safe. Only after 1947 people have understood that the policy of appeasement is not right. When the action started regarding PFI, Nitish Kumar did not like it. Nitish Kumar has had an appeasement policy. They didn’t know what their image was showing.

Question: It is alleged that Muslims are deliberately targeted in your government, what will you say?

answer: When there used to be a blast incident in Bihar, the government and administration used to say that the cracker has exploded. Blasts took place in many districts of Bihar. When NIA came, Nitish Kumar got hurt. Under the policy of appeasement, Nitish Kumar is giving protection to these people. I am directly accusing Nitish Kumar.

Question: Nitish Kumar wants to become a big leader of the opposition, wants to make a big front against the BJP, how big is the challenge Nitish Kumar?

answer: Opposition unity is not a challenge before the BJP. In a democracy, the public’s support is to PM Modi, as long as he wants to remain the PM, he will remain so. People felt that Narendra Modi is capable of keeping the country united. India’s economic condition is getting stronger. PM Modi is worried that people should not be disturbed by anything. Nitish Kumar is marginalized. People make fun of his dream of becoming PM. Nitish Kumar is greedy for power, only wants to remain on the chair.

Question. A few days ago, you did a gate-to-gather, about which there was a lot of discussion that you are in the race for the post of CM. What would you say on this?
answer: The last time when Home Minister Amit Shah came to Bihar, there was a big festive atmosphere in Arrah, a world record was set for hoisting the tricolor. After this successful program, a meeting was held at my farm house.

Question: Will the next election in Bihar be on the basis of caste or on the issue of development?

answer: The politics of Bihar is based on caste. But along with the country, Bihar is also understanding that caste politics is not good. There will be politics of development in the next election.

Question: Is the central government giving enough help to Bihar because your opponents are alleging that the central government is discriminating?

answer: The development of Bihar has been getting a major part of the funds of the central government. Somebody can argue with me by putting a stage on this. The central government is helping Bihar in every way. Cooperation is available in every field like education, health, roads. Nitish Kumar also says that the amount was returned to the center twice in the Jal Jeevan Hariyali Abhiyan.

Question: It is said that Nitish Kumar did not listen to ministers, do officials run Bihar?

answer: There is Jungle Raj, Chaotic Raj, Gunda Raj in Bihar right now. It is a corrupt and corrupt government. The public is waiting and in the coming Lok Sabha elections, the grand alliance will be cleared.

Question: Trafficking is a big problem, what steps are being taken to stop it?

answer: The previous government was so loose that due to which smuggling was encouraged. After 2014, PM Modi has made a special strategy to stop smuggling. There is 90% reduction in cow smuggling. The smuggling of intoxicants has also been banned. If the state government helps, you will get more success.

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